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Rules and requirements of Tournament


FGM Regimental Sergeant Major
Dec 27, 2015
General Rules:

1. A dropbox folder is to be maintained with a invite to the Tournament master (Slysniper), This will provide me access to the game files if for any reason we need to replace a player or verify slow play issues.
please name the dropbox files in a method that I can tell who is vs who (exam: Jtimo vs grunt match1)

2. Game files shall stay in the dropbox folder and not be deleted until I confirm the round is over for all players and I have no need for those files anymore.

3. No surrender at any time is allowed, if you want to end a game early, then use cease fire and have both players agree to those terms, if one player wants to play it out instead, allow him to do so.

4. If for any reason a player needs to drop out of game play, just contact me and let me know of your intentions and I will make sure any non-completed game will be finished for the remaining opponent.

5. If pre-planned arty or air is available , you will be allowed to use it. I will also make sure the opponent will know that option is out there to possible be used against him.

6. If there is a problem with slow play by any participant, I will invite them to be dismissed from the tournament and will complete any unfinished games as necessary. (Slow play could be determined to be less than 4 Turns an week) exceptions allowed for vacations and trips and such as long as opponent and myself are informed in advanced.

7. Any additional questions, just post them here and they will be addressed.

8. And remember to have Fun, that is what it should be about.
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