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Sabaton - Lots of wonderful war-themed songs



The fantastic Swedish metal band, which I've just discovered in this year. They have a lot of cool song about WW2 and other wars. And they are really know the topic - you can see it in lyrics.

Some of their songs for your judge (with fan-made video):
Panzerkampf - Kursk battle

Screaming Eagles - Bastogne

Ghost Division
- Rommel's 7th Panzer Division

Wolfpack - Convoy ON92 vs Kriegsmarine

The Price of a Mile - Battle of Passchendaele (WW1)

Cliffs Of Gallipoli - Gallipoli Campaign (WW1)

The Final Solution - Holocaust

To not get this post overwhelmed with videos and such, there are two statements:

1) they have a lot of good songs about wars and heroes, such as about: Spartans, Samurai, Polish winged hussars, Soviet female night bombers, Swedish king Carl XII, Finnish sniper, Finnish guy who served in 3 armies, the German fighter pilot, who saved wounded American bomber crew, 30-years war, WW1 and 2, Anglo-Zulu war, Winter War, Vietnam war, Warsaw uprising, strategic and nuclear bombing and so on...
2) I love them all :D