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Here are references for specific WW2 battles eligible as Combat Mission scenario’s. Several of these links reference tactical board game scenario’s like Squad Leader, Advanced Squad Leader, and Panzer Grenadier. These web pages provide the kind of specific information a designer needs to build a scenario. Things such as time, place, and participants, details regarding tactical situation, opposing forces, objectives, and computer battle considerations. These board game scenario's are most useful for helping to establish opposing forces and game player balance.

Scenarios for PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader

Alan R. Arvold's Ode To Panzer Leader: The Original 20 Situations

Britain’s Premier ASL Journal

Desperation Morale ASL website

Texas ASL downloads

Multiman Publishing ASLSK Official Downloads

ASL Scenario Archive

ASL Open Source

ASLWebDex: Scenarios

Squad Leader Scenario Resources

Advanced Squad Leader

ASL balanced scenario’s report

Fredrocker Productions

We Band of Brothers – Gaming forum

Scenario HQ

GHQ Scenarios

Historical Software downloads

Avalanche Press's Panzer Grenadier Scenario Books – if you own these scenario booklets, additional information can be gleaned in concert with website resources noted below
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