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Scenario Fixing Obsession.


FGM Sergeant
Apr 19, 2021
London Ontario Canada
Finally finished going through all the Arnhem buildings in the scenario 'A Man Can Die But Once'. Removed all of the windows from 'shared' walls in adjacent modular buildings and most doors. Left the doors between modules when these appeared to represent an office or factory building. Also a few at random. Hopefully this changes the flow through and the combat between buildings. But then, I really don't know how things have been programmed to work. This does not solve the problem of "I told you guys to enter by the front door, not the side!!!"
I have made a few other changes to make Arnhem look more Dutch (I was born and raised in Amsterdam). The most obvious is that all roofs are now 'peaked' and nearly all covered in red clay tiles. Although this is not entirely correct for this area of Arnhem, I thought it looked better. Might go another makeover in future. A greater percentage of buildings are now red brick and residential blocks have more identical building styles. Wooden fences have been replaced with low brick walls.
I would have liked to replace the cobblestone streets with Juju's herringbone red brick cobbles (very pre-1960) but I did not like the colour.
Finally, since the allies were able to clamber over taller stone walls, and CMBN does not permit such action, I have replaced more of the tall brick walls with openings.
I did not dabble with the overall arrangement.
The map may be extracted from the scenario and used to replace other Arnhem based scenarios.
I will post it in FGM's scenario section over the next few day. Have a few other scenarios under 'revision' as well.
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