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SCENARIO: M1 Garand's "La Fiere Causeway (June 6th)"


FGM Sergeant
Apr 19, 2021
London Ontario Canada
My apologies in advance for putting a scenario review in the books and movies section but this is the only Forum for reviews and 'scenarios' appear to have been overlooked. I thought that M1 Garand's work deserves a mention.

Having played solo as 'German' through this scenario, thouroughly enjoyed it, and being an active scenario and mod creator myself, I offer the following impressions:

THE MAP: Once all the information has been gathered from sources to begin scenario creation, the most burdensome part of the work is the creation of the map. Maps need to be 'warped' into Battlefront's diagonal/orthogonal configuration. This can lead to unhistorical results in terms of lines of sight and cover, a problem that grows worse as maps grown in size. M1 Garand has done a great job warping the map while maintaining the right feeling of events. He has 'gone the extra mile' and placed many flavour objects including nearly every kind of flavour object. The map looks really good and is enjoyable to explore at ground level.

SOLO GAME PLAY: I like playing games that I have not played before and without looking beyond the information provided by the scenario description. I believe this creates a more intimidating atmosphere resulting in more cautious play. This scenario's map size and the distance to be travelled to the objective, create a realistic degree of tension and worry about possible ambushes and questions about where the enemy might be located - especially after a scattered parachute drop. The map size provides for the possibility of some maneuvre on approach although once on the causeway, it's pretty well straight line. The length of play time seems just right to get the job done while allowing for some delay along the way. On the other hand, don't dally too long.


POSSIBLE CHANGES: See Kandu's "La Fiere Causeway June 6th - v2021" for an updated version and explanaiton.