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Scourge of War Waterloo - D'Erlon's attack


FGM Sergeant
Apr 19, 2021
London Ontario Canada
A few screen grabs of the first few minute of d'Erlon's attack marching towards the Dutch-Belgian positions across the valley. Sprite:Soldier ratio 1:3.
In order from left to right:
1. d'Erlon's divisions deployed in brigade columns behind the 80 gun grand battery.
2. Squadrons of cuirassiers deployed a few hundred metres behind d'Erlon's infantry
3. A brigade beginning their march, still behind their own battery
4. A brigade column on the march having just passed through their own artillery
5. A division approaching in two brigade columns viewed from the Dutch-Belgian position.
6. The firefight begins. Viewed from behind a Dutch-Belgian battalion.

Took a break from creating CMBN scenarios and completed the Grand Battle from the French side. Amazing game. Really gives the feeling of how huge the battle is. Much better than playing with minis on a table. Amazing! Love it.


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