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Nov 7, 2009
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Main Rule
The Tournament Master (me) is always right. Means if a Decision is to make I´ll do it and You have no Choice as to accept it. That will only be if there is no Rule what says what´s to do. Or if two Rules work against each other. Or a given Rule shows it doesn´t work etc.

Uffz.BRAUN (Axis)
IDIOT94 (Allies)

STOFFEL (Allies)

FABISHD (only Supreme Commander)

They do all the strategical Things and say what is the major Advance. Their Word is what counts in the End. They may take Suggestions and Thoughts of the Tactical Commanders but have to hold the major Advance in Mind.

Uffz.BRAUN = Supreme Commander (Axis Side)
IDIOT94 = Supreme Commander (Allies Side)

They do the Work on tactical Level. That means they fight the battles via CMBB. They can confere with the Supreme Commanders and these give them Thoughts and Advices. And Vice Versa.

SPHINX and me = Tactical Commanders (Axis Side)
STOFFEL and MR.YORMSHA = Tactical Commanders (Allies Side)

That People are the natural Inhabitants of the Isle. And they aren´t happy they are invaded by some foreign Powers. They will do whatever they can to kill the Invaders and free their Homeland from them.

Tourney Master = all Functions and Troops of the Natives

A Party what isn´t known much of. It aren´t the Natives or the opponent Side. And what are the Goals of that mystery Party?

Tourney Master = all Functions and Troops of the Party

There will be two Types of Avatars. The most important Type is the Avatar what shows Yourself on the Battlefield. He will gain You Experience, Medals, Promotions, Prestige and Points. But he can also be Your most terrible Nightmare. Because if he is captured* or killed the Tournament is over for You - no Matter how well You acted earlier.
The second Type is similar. This Avatar is the highest ranking Officer of the most superior Formation. If he is captured or killed the whole Formation disperses/disbands. The second Type Avatar is necessary to lead Troops if You have to fight a few Battles to the same Time. Then first Type Avatar can only be on one place. The only Advantage is that Your lose only a Formation and not the Tournament if the second Type Avatar is lost.
{The second Type Avatar can all what Your personal Avatar can - he can get experienced, get Medals and Promotions etc. Don´t let him down if not abolutely necessary!}

*If You have Luck the opponent Side agrees to exchange a Ransom for Your Side´s Commander.

The common Ranks count for Your Avatar(s). They/He can gain Promotions through their/his Performance on the Battlefield*. The Ranks are as follows:

Sergeant ............................................................................................................ Feldwebel
2nd Lieutenant ................................................................................................... Leutnant
1st Lieutenant .................................................................................................... Oberleutnant
Captain .............................................................................................................. Hauptmann
Major ................................................................................................................. Major
Colonel ............................................................................................................... Oberst
General .............................................................................................................. General
Field Marshal ...................................................................................................... Feldmarschall

The Ranks are also important for Secret and Special Missions. The lesser Your Rank the lesser Your amount of Troops and the lesser the Fame You can gain. Nevertheless Success and Rank decide if You get promoted to a higher Rank.

*Hold in Mind Your Avatars can gain Bonuses faster if they are involved personally in the Action. On the other Hand the Supreme Headquarters will not like to see their Commanders taking unnecessary Risks. If You too often take such Risks it can be Your Avatars will be punished - maybe even disbanded.

That are the Avatars for Your Formations on the Strategical Map. They are shown as Officer Squads of different Army Branches (every Formation Part has its own Uniforms) and in general follow the Ranks. If You want to split them into smaller Formations or Formation Parts You have to place new HQs Yourself on the CMBB Sector Map using the same Army Branch as the Formation You want to split. Make sure all HQs (old and newly placed ones) have the right Shortcuts. Don´t forget to re-do the Shortcut of the remaining Force as well! Armies get shown as 3 Battalion-HQs on the Strategical Map.
Your personal Avatar is always attached/in Charge of the first Battalion/Regiment. You have to place and replace all the HQs on the Strategical Map if You do Movements and Action - so You are able to determine exactly who is currently in which specific Sector of the Map. Therefor I sent You the CMBB Maps. Otherwise You wouldn´t need them and we could do all via the Picture I posted here. But that would be too confusing with the Time.
Further it would be a good Idea to place enemy Tankhunters or HQs or whatever where You had Contact with the Enemy or You are sure he has Positions. So You can get an rough Overview even if the Fog of War should get implemented.

From the Start on You will have 3 Battalion-HQs of 3 different Army Branches inn Your CMBB Harbour Sector. For Example Cavalry (Blue Jeans), common CA (Sovietskaya Armya) and Romanian Infantry. So You can see on one Glance/View (at least roughly) who is where. If You split the Formations further You have only to add a further Battalion-, Company- or Platoon-HQ of the same Army Branch, to name it with a fitting Shortcut and change the Shortcut of the earlier HQ by for Example "(-)1B" for a Battalion You drew from there. That is currently the best Way to do it as the just finished first Test shows.

All Commanders get a CMBB Map with a Grid of Sectors overlayed on it. This Map is divided in 36 Sectors which are Part of four Quadrants. Four of the Sectors are the Harbour Sectors what are labelled with Roman Numerals . All others are numerical labelled. The Quadrants help to make the Navigation on the Map easier and are labelled after the Wind Directions they lay in (NE, SE, SW, NW). Orders and Information on strategical Level will use this Labels for a short and significant Manner of Orders. For Example:

- NW-10 to NW-I → That means Movement or Attack from Sector 10 to Harbour-I.
- NE-II to SW-III → That means Movement or Attack from Harbour-II to Harbour-III.

For the SCs this Map is necessary to plan their Strategies. For the TCs it is to follow the Advance the Strategy of their Party takes and, maybe, to give Advice to the SCs. But the finally Decision is the SCs. They decide what fits their Strategy best and send their Troops likewise.

Here the Tactical Commanders (TCs) are King. They try their best to fulfill the Expectations their SCs set in them. The tactical Battles have always to be fought on CMBB Maps. For Battles for particular Sectors I provide the TCs with pre-made Maps/Scenarios. For Ambushs by Natives during Movement of Invaders Troops, and if the Dices show one have to fight a CMBB Battle, the TCs have to fight on random generated CMBB Maps (QBs) OR pre-made ones if the TM decides so .

If one moves his Formations on the Strategical Map one can that only do in right-angled Manner - no diagonal Movement possible. You can invade a Sector only from N, E, S or W. Further one has to follow the Ways - only in very rough. But one can´t cross Water if there are no Boats/Ships or at least a Bridge or Ford. There are two Kinds of Fords - deep and shallow. Fords allows Your Pioneers/Engineers to build Bridges. The main Roads on the CMBB Sector Map are only important for wheeled Vehicles. They need the Roads to let the wheeled Vehicle unfold their Strengths. And further we use an abstract Way to simulate different Daytimes:

- Every first Sector You cross = Morning
- Every second Sector You cross = High Noon
- Every third Sector You cross = Dusk
- Every fourth Sector You cross = Night

A strategical Turn is the same as a strategical Day (24 Hours). And during a Day a Foot Formation can move one Sector if it isn´t a Mountain Sector. In general the shown Values for Movement are as follows if the Weather is nice (for the Alpha-Test this counts for all Weather Conditions):

- Footsoldiers = 1 Sector per strategical Turn
- Wheeled Vehicles = 3 Sectors per Turn (need Roads at least) otherwise same as Footsoldiers
- Tracked & Halftracked = 2 Sectors per Turn
- All Units & Troops (except Mountaineers) in Mountains = 1/2 Sector per Turn
- Mountaineers in any Terrain = 1 Sector per Turn

Note: If a Sector is labelled as Mountain Sector then that counts for the entire Sector - not only for Sector Parts! And that even if the Picture or the CMBB-Sector-Map suggests something different. Because of that Mountain Sectors get labelled before the Tournament starts.
You further have to place and replace all the HQs on the Strategical Map if You do Movements and Action. Therefor I sent You the CMBB Maps. Otherwise You wouldn´t need them and we could do all via the Picture I posted here. But that would be too confusing with the Time.

These Types are important to plan Your civil and military Advance. Whenever possible one should choose the Sectors so they already correspond to Your Intentions. That spare You much Time. Otherwise You have to calculate with additional Time for changing the Sector´s Type.

Harbour Sector = Naval Bombardement and all Goods +1
(They are the Lifeline for Your Expedition Corpses - there You get all what You need - 1 of each Part as Timber, Ore etc. If that Sector is cut You have only a limited Amount of Time to get them back or You are defeated.)

Airports = Airstrike and all Goods +1
(After the Harbours they are the second most important Structures because they are to see as further "Harbours" - only more modern. They can first get used if the High-Tech-Level is reached.)

Fish Sector = Meal/skilled Recruits for Marine Infantry
(As Grain Sector but much more seldom and with the Bonus of Recruits who if used in the Ranks of Mariners/Marines get some Bonuses.)

Grain Sector = Meal
(That is the basic Meal Sector and necessary to feed Your Troops and Sector Folk. And maybe even the most quickly growing Sector at all.) 6 Farms on it make it a Farm Sector. That Type of Sector can feed the Inhabitants of itself and another Sector. Farms what get upgraded to Low-Tech-Level can provide Meal for another 2 Sectors. Upgrade to High-Tech means another 2 Sectors can get feed. Army on the move feeds itself - if stationed they need a Farm/Grain Sector to feed them!

Hunting Sector = Meal/skilled Snipers (special chosen Sectors)
(These Sectors will get randomised by the TM. You will first get to know which are the ones if Your Troops have gained Control over the Harbour Sector. The Recruits from there are skilled in all Ranks and Functions. Commonly they are used as gifted Snipers.)

Mountain Sector = Stone/skilled (have to be named before strategic Battle starts)
(Recruits of such a Sector are predestinated to serve as Mountain Infantry. Some of them even as Special Forces like SS or Red Guards and Paratroopers. Furthermore the Sector´s Resource is in general Stone. Sometimes, if an Ore Mine lays in this area, it is one of the most valuable Sectors at all since two Resources for High-Tech-Level lay in one Sector.)

Wood Sector = Timber
(Another Basic Sector. Here one can find Masses of Timber of all Kind. And that is probably the most used Material of the Civil and Military Building Industry. One need it for almost all Structures. Without Timber one can´t gain the Low-Tech-Level what is the Base for the High-Tech-Level of Technology.)

If somewhen the Opponents strategical Troops meet each other a Battle starts. Therefor a few Things are to notice.
There is on one Hand the abstract Ambush or Battle with the Natives during the Movement of Your Troops - or by the Enemy if You move careless into a Sector already occupied by Your Opponent. That is either diced by the TM or You have to fight that via CMBB. If the Dices are thrown You have to take the Result as a Man. On the other Hand the Dices can fall so You have to fight a CMBB Battle. The Pips/Dots of the Dice counts as follows:

1 - 5 = nothing happens and Your Troops can go on unhindered
6 = starting another Throw what can start the following Actions:

1 = nothing happens - Your Troops can move on unhindered
2 = You have to take slight Losses (5%)
3 = You have to take light Losses (10%)
4 = You have to take average Losses (15%)
5 = You have to take heavy Losses (20%)
6 = You have to battle a tactical Battle via CMBB

Losses and Casualties are always counted absolute - to hold my Amount of Work on a manageable Level. That means it is of no Matter what Part of a Formation gets a Percentage of Casualties (no Matter if only a Platoon or a whole Army suffers) - it will count for the entire (most superior) Formation. That further makes the SCs more careful in sending weak Troops out.

You haven´t to force a Fight if You don´t want one. You can try to avoid Your Opponent so long as possible (and using Strategical Artillery all the Time). Or You try to make a swift End with him. You can all do what You want so long it follows the Rules. Hold in Mind Your "Strategical Avatars" (HQs) show Formations! You can split Your them if You want that. If You do so You have to place new HQs on the Map. The Code for their Nicknames follows the FORMATION CALLSIGNS Rule. The least formation on strategical Level to occupy a just conquered Sector is Battalion Size. So You could hold 3 Sectors with Your current army.

A Sector can get attacked from all Sides (N, E, S, W) if one has the Technology therefor. Means Mountains and Sea could be a good Protection on a few Sides if the Opponents are on Low-Tech-Level or even Zero-Tech-Level. Later on it could be the Opponent has Mountaineers or even Paratroopers to come from a not foreseen Direction. Or he has a Fleet and some Marine Infantry within this Fleet.
If a Sector is already in Enemy Hands You always have to do a Battle via CMBB.

1.) Chosen Troops invade Sector
2.) TM dices what happens:

1, 3, 5 = Your Troops have to fight free their Way (CMBB or random strategical Dicing)
2, 4, 6 = no Battle – Natives give up without a Fight​
3.) If Your Troops are victouriuos the Sector is Yours
4.) If Your Troops lose they will thrown out of the Sector to where they come from
1.) Chosen Troops invade Sector
2.) Opponent can:
- be not dug in
- be dug in (he already is at least a strategical turn/day in the Sector)
- have fortifications (depends on Time he had to prepare his position)

3.) Levels of Entrenchment​

- Foxholes (1) ...
- Trenches (2) ...
- Fortifications (3) ...
- heavy Fortifications (4) ...

The Order of all Entrenchments from Level 2 on is set by the TM. That gets adjusted on the Terrain/Map and some other Parameters and You have no Veto in that Matter. So we have always a different Situation, and as in Reality, You have to work with what others have decided. And that is not always to Your Pleasure. You can only try to make the Best of it.​

For the pictures above: The wooden bunkers currently show You that the sector has a garrison. That is a bit unlucky since one of the next levels for the garrison is wooden fortifications. I have to find another way or at least unit/troop for that. But so long we use this.​

1.) Chosen Troops invade Sector
2.) No strategical or First-Strike-Artillery​

1.) Supreme Commander decides on use of Naval or Strategical Artillery/Bombing
2.) Chosen Troops invade Sector
3.) Tactical Commander decides on use of First Strike Artillery​

PROBE (experimental)
1.) Chosen Troops invade a Sector they aren´t sure if it is or isn´t holded by the Enemy
2.) They try to cross the Sector or, if the Resistance is too strong, retreat with so few Casualties as possible.
3.) If they are successful in Retreating or Crossing they get a bit Information about the enemy Forces in the Sector (given by TM). If they fail the only Information they get is that there is the Enemy in the Sector.
4.) For the special Advance a specific Calculation is made. That the TM has to do by Hand. The CM Result Table is only of Use for the Data for the Calculation. The Result shown on the Table is irrelevant.
5.) A Probe can only be done by a Formation not greater as Company Size.
6.) When a Probe was successful is decided by the TM and follows no Rule but the Opinion of the TM. But in general one could say if at least half of the Probe Forces survive and are able to cross or retreat, the Probe was successful. But that is only a very rough Guideline so far. There will Situations occur where the Rate is a totally different – for Example if a still on Low-Tech-Level Platoon probes into a Sector holded by a High-Tech Battalion. If there only a few Men return the Probe counts as successful. Etc. etc.
7.) A successful Probe counts as Total Victory and gives further Information. A „successful“ Probe with too few Men left counts as Draw and gives no further Information. All other Results count as Total Defeat.
8.) No Strategical but First Strike Artillery available​

You can always decide to retreat - strategical as well as tactical. You will lose the Sector then (depends on the Situation), "Kills" will not counted (in CMBB Battles) and similar things. But Your Army isn´t crushed (if they make it off the CMBB Map without too many Losses - or the Dices decide that on strategical Level) and able to strike back another Time.

Every Sector can get secured by nit more as 1x Company Garrison maximum. That doesn´t mean You can´t post more Troops there but that can´t be Garrisons. What You can do is to strengthen the Garrison by Entrenchments and Fortifications. They need the guns, bunkers and so on to errect a really strong defense what even withhold an armored Attack. And if You want and the concerning Tech-Level allows that You can even add a few Garrison Vehicles.
So long no Garrison is available You have to use one Regiment common Troops to secure the Sector best as possible. Exceptions are SS, Red Navy and Paratroopers. If You refuse to let Troops or at least a Garrison in a just conquered Sector it is very probably a Riot erupts. The Natives will see their Chance.

As mentioned Garrison Troops are very skilled defenders and anti-riot/partisan-forces. But they are very weak in all other combat actions. Further

Battalion Size is the minimum Size to invade a Sector. Company Size already means You undertake only a Probe. Maximum Size to invade is Army Size but only on strategical Level. If more as one Army stands Rifle by Foot the Armies have to do it in Turns. Every Battle is diced and follows the Parameters as already mentioned above.

In General there may not be more Men as a Battalion Troops on the tactical Map. That means all in all a Battalion. That could be a complete Infantry Battalion or a complete Tank Battalion. Or a Mix of both - for Example two Infantry Companies and one Tank Company. Or two Tank Companies and one Infantry Company. Etc. etc.
Nevertheless it gives Exceptions, for Example if a Commander got so famed he got Permission to avoid a Rule. But such Exceptions cost Prestige - maybe even a small Bribe.
On tactical Level Battalions are Representatives for Regiments. And only one of them can fight on the CMBB Map to one Time.

On strategical Level there are only three different Results possible. That are:

The Sector is Yours and the Enemy retreated or is annihilated.

Nobody was able to gain an Advance/Advantage. Now there are two Possibilities. That is a) A new Battle starts on the same Place and at least the Troops of the last Battle are involved. Or b) both Opponents retreat out of the Sector.

The Sector remains in the Hands of the Opponent. Your Forces have to retreat out of the Sector - back to the Sector they started from for the lost Battle.​

If the Situation occur that the Results get diced I calculate the Losses against each other to have a Result. I hope that works and I didn´t forget something.

The tactical Battles have to be done via CMBB. They are common known CMx1 Battles. There are two Types of CMBB Battle Maps - the pre-made one and the random one. Pre-made is always then played if one has to fight tactical for a Sector. Random generated Maps come into Play if the Troops are attacked if they are on the March to somewhere and the Natives do an Ambush or Battle.

Total Victory = 100 points / 100 prestige + Sector Goods/Material
Major Victory = 100 points / 50 prestige + Sector Goods/Material
Tactical Victory = 50 points / 10 prestige + Sector goods/Material
Minor Victory = 25 points / 5 prestige + Sector Goods/Material

Draw = 25 points / 0 prestige (both opponents retreat or have to fight further battle(s))

Minor Defeat = 20 points / 0 prestige
Tactical Defeat = 10 points / 0 prestige
Major Defeat = 5 points / 0 prestige
Total Defeat = 0 points / 0 prestige

Both are the personel Property of the particular Commander. Points are to see as Money. Prestige is to see as Fame. Both can get exchanged but always for a Rate of 2 : 1. That means if one exchange 100 Points into Prestige one gets only 50 Prestige. If one exchanges 100 Prestige into Points one gets only 50 Points.
While Points work exactly as Money Prestige works a bit different. Prestige raises Your Chances to get some Specials or to override Restrictions of Rules or work as a Nest Egg if one exchanges it into Points etc. etc.
It will give You the Opportunity to use Your Fame to the Weal of Your Fatherland - means Your Force(s).
Most of the Time Prestige has to get payed if one accept Offers of a "Prestige Deal". Then it works how Points for a Purchase.
But for a few Occasions it just gives one an Advantage. For Example: Scattered Troops join You and Your Forces much more often as without Prestige. And You have to pay nothing. One could call it the Smell of Success or the Smell of Fame.

There are a few Ways to get Prestige. One is to be victorious in Battles. Another to make many POWs during that Battles. And the third to get a Ransom for an Enemy Commander You earlier captured.

If one of Your fellow Commanders is captured You can try to pay him free. For a Start, and if nothing other is negotiated, we try it with the following Prices:

- Lieutenant ............................................................................................ = 100 Points / 0 Prestige
- Captain ................................................................................................ = 250 Points / 0 Prestige
- Major ................................................................................................... = 500 Points / 0 Prestige
- Colonel ................................................................................................ = 750 Points / 250 Prestige
- General ................................................................................................ = 1000 Points / 500 Prestige
- Field Marshal ........................................................................................ = 1000 Points / 1000 Prestige

The higher the Amount of Prestige the higher Your Fame. A high Fame leads to a more willingly Service for You - means the Opportunity that Special Troops or scattered Remains of other Formations and so on want to follow Your Command. Further it can be some of the Rules will set off for You. The specific Effect depends on how famous You are and how the Situation is. The Decision what happens is always made by the TM who dices that. You have no Possibility to intervene. For now we will use the following provisional Graduation:

- 1000 Prestige (some people have heard of You)
- 2000 Prestige (Hello, Starlet...)
- 3000 Prestige (You are a star now)
- 4000 Prestige (You are a Mega-Star)
- 5000 Prestige (You are the one and only)

Note: That are only Guidelines! Much depends on other Things as Kind of Victories, Streaks, Behaviour concerning Foes and Allies, personal Bravery etc., etc.!

But I tend to only deep Fords so Bridges get further Importance. But I have to overthink that a bit yet.

A) Choice of Starting Point for the Tactical Forces and Confirmation or Denying by TM after Dicing. Even Pips count for one SC and uneven Pips for the other SC.
B) Landing at one of the Harbour Sectors - Maybe first Encounter with the Natives/Neutral Folk
C) Movement of Troops to where the Supreme Commander wants them to go
D) Conquering or Taking Sectors from the Natives or the other Side
E) Reforming Sectors (more Civil Part)
F) Further Advance

The civil Part shouldn´t get underestimated. It is as important as the military Part. The Civilists as the Military Personal need Water, Food, Clothes, Places to sleep and live. If that isn´t provided in the right Manner their Health goes down as their Capability and in the end they die. To avoid that one should always and so quick as possible build the concerning Buildings and Objects. So some of Your first goals should be to build barracks and farms. That gains You a few things You could need.

A) Building of the numbered basic Buildings and Objects (Numbers show You the Order of building)
B) To gain Low-Tech-Level all basic Buildings and Objects have to be built first
C) To gain High-Tech-Level the numbered Low-Tech Buildings have to be built firstWith the Time one can do Upgrades on many of the Buildings and Objects. That raises their Functionality. So for Example a Farm Sector can feed the Inhabitants and a further Sector, a Farm Sector with Low-Tech upgraded Farms can feed two further Sectors and a High-Tech Farm Sector another two more Sectors.

Army on the move feeds itself - if stationed they need a Farm/Grain Sector to feed them!

- means errect barracks and farms, recruit garrisons etc. Later You have all that to do "manually" and decide in what order You want that to do.

NATURAL ENVIRONMENT It is the Ground, Terrain and Nature what is given without any Effort of Your Side. It is responsible for what You have to do to develop the Sector to Your likeness.

RURAL DEVELOPMENT The Terrain and Environment is given but not inconvertible. Almost all Sector Types can get changed into another one. That only needs Time, Money and Manpower. No Matter what Kind of Sector one wants to evolve one needs Structures and People to do so. There are two Ways for Development - a) One goes with the given Environment and b) One changes the Environment. Advantages for a) are that one only have to build some Buildings and voilà the Sector and its Resources can be used. For Case b) one has to do some Spadework first. It could be one has to stub a Forest first to change the Sector into a Grain Sector. Or the other Way around - One first have to plant Trees and Plants before a Sector can get transformed into a Wood & Forest Sector. In some Cases it would be a good Idea to use the Sector until its Resources are empty and then transform it into another Type. Every Transformation means the Sector Resources can´t get won during that Procedure.

URBAN DEVELOPMENT That bases on the Rural Development. But in Fact it isn´t much more as to build the right Buildings and Objects. The Access to the necessary Buildings follows the general Stages from Place to Village to Town to City. A Place is what one comes upon if a Sector is conquered. That can be Wasteland or an already slightly developed Sector (for Example a Grain Sector with a Village-to-be). Village, Town and City are self-explanatory, I think. The only what is to mention yet is that You can only have one City in each Sector. And one of that Cities has to be the Capital City. In general Villages need Timber and Grain to get built. Towns need that as well but additional Metal and Stone.

The Tournament starts with all Parties on Zero-Tech-Level. That means one can only command Footsoldiers. Next is Low-Tech-Level. First Technology what was developped and is now used by Military and Civilists. Last Level is High-Tech. On that Stage You can use the most advanced Technology Your Side has to provide.

Zero-Tech = only Footsoldiers
Low-Tech = unarmored Cars, Vehicles and light Artillery of until 75mm/76mm Maximum
High-Tech = the Best what one could get

For gaining the different Tech-Levels You have to build the needed Structures, Buildings and Objects. Some of them You have to order to get built and others will built if enough Buildings are errected. For Example: So long as Your Sector is on Zero-Tech-Level there are only Ways for Transportation and Trade. If Low-Tech-Level starts to evolve You get already Roads. And High-Tech-Level gives You Highways. The following List/Table shows You in what Order You have to build. You can´t jump directly to a higher Level.

1.Hut (basic Building)
2.Cistern (basic Building)
3.Depot (Universal Storage for all Goods & Weapons)
4.Farm (generates Food)
5.School (Education)
6.Garage (Research of Low-Tech-Technology)
7.Stone Pit (generates Stone)

- Ways (Stuck Probability 30%)
- Seaways (have to get uncovered by Movement – Ships sink with 10% probability)

1.Church (Fanatism/Morale +1)
2.Labaratory (Research)
3.Library (Education)
4.Silo (Specific Storage for Grain & Powder)
5.Watertank (Specific Storage for Water and Fluids)
6.Police Station (Sector Control/...)
7.Jail (Sector Control/...)
8.Hospital (avoids Diseases & faster Recovery of Wounded)
9.Sawmill (generates Timber)
10.Facility (Production of Technology)
11.Mine (generates Ore)
12.Smeltery (generates Metal)
13. - Railway Station (Transportation)
14.Vehicle Pool (Transportation)

- Road (Stuck Probability 15%)
- Railroad (Transportation)
- House (advanced)

1. Cathedral (Fanatism/Morale +2)
2. Office of Mayor (Sector Control/...)
3. Factory (Production of Technology)
4. Police Department (Sector Control/...)
5. University (Education/...)
6. Chemical Facility (Gun Powder/Explosives)
7. Power Plant (generates Energy)
8. Research Center (Research of civil High-Tech-Technology)
9. Airfields (Transportation)

- Housing Block (only Towns – advanced)
- Highway (Stuck Probability 1%)
- Airways (Transportation)

BUILDINGS & OBJECTS (military Use)
1.Barracks (Basic Military Building) ................................................... (Zero-Tech)
2.Training Center (Advanced Building for Military = Command +1) ..... (Low-Tech)
3.Military Prison ................................................................................ (Low-Tech)
4.Minor Artillery Range (Light Artillery until 76mm) ............................ (Low-Tech)
5.Military Research Center ................................................................ (High-Tech)
6.Armory (Advanced Small Weapons) ............................................... (High-Tech)
7.Upgraded Artillery Range (Mortars) ................................................ (High-Tech)
8.Armored Vehicle Pool (Military High-Tech) ...................................... (High-Tech)
9.Upgraded Training Center (High-Tech, Command +2) ..................... (High-Tech)
10.Military Academy (Command Bonuses) ........................................ (High-Tech)
11.SS-Ordensburg/Naval Academy/Red-Guards-Castle ...................... (High-Tech)
12.Paratroopers School (Paradrop) .................................................... (High-Tech)
13.Major Artillery Range (Heavy Artillery until 305mm) ..................... (High-Tech)

Note: To build a Building or Object the entire Sector is busy for a whole Day. So always only one Structure can be build to the same Time. The same counts for Troops and Units!

Barracks may be the basic military building and garrison troops are Special Forces. But nevertheless garrison troops can get built as soon as barracks are built and could free Your infantry from security tasks and to the same time hold the sector. The maximum size of garrison/security forces in a sector is company size (counts only for infantry).

Enables the Players to develop Technology for civil and military Use. That depends on a few Factors. There the Sectors and Buildings come into Play. A technical Advance before another Commander could be the Thing what decides about Victory or Defeat.

Vehicles (unarmored armored + armed)
Armor (light, medium, heavy)
Support (light, medium, heavy)
Artillery (light, medium, heavy)

The Development of Weapons, especially Tanks and SPGs, follows in general always the same Way. From unarmored to armored to armored and weaponed to armored and better weaponed to better armored and better weaponed.
For Transportation Vehicles that would mean - Jeep, Lorry, HT. For Tanks maybe - T-60, SU-76, T-34, SU-85, T-34/85 etc. etc. That is not exact how I will do this. After all You should have something to discover yet, right?
But it gives an approximate Idea/Picture how it works.

You need them to produce necessary and wanted Technology. They are the basic workers.

More sophisticated in Education and Skills as the Technicians they are able to solve every technical Problem what could occur.

As soon as the first Low-Tech Laboratory is built these Workers will stream in. They are the basic Inventors.

They are the Créme de la Créme of the academic Elite. They will first be available if the first High-Tech Laboratory is built or a former Low-Tech one upgraded to High-Tech-Level.

The Combat Troops are divided in different Combat Branches and these again in Formations. The following List shows You the Differentiation according to Standard Troops and Special Forces:

Wehrmacht (Standardtruppen)
Gebirgsjäger (Spezialtruppen) - tough Fighters and expert Mountaineers
Luftwaffe (Spezialtruppen) - slightly better experienced as Wehrmacht
SS (Spezialtruppen) - together with Fallschirmjäger the toughest Fighters
Garnisonstruppen (Spezialtruppen) - skilled in Defense and Anti-Riot-Actions
Fallschirmjäger (Spezialtruppen) - together with SS the toughest Fighters, air-movable
Volkssturm (Natives if TM battles against Allied) ???

Red Army (Standard Troops)
Mountaineers (Special Forces) - tough Fighters and expert Mountaineers
Guards (Special Forces) - slightly better experienced as Red Army
Marine (Special Forces) - together with Paratroopers the toughest Fighters
Garrison (Special Forces) - skilled in Defense and Anti-Riot-Actions
Paratroopers (Special Forces) - together with Marine the toughest Fighters, air-movable
Partisans (Natives if TM battles against Axis) ???

Special Forces means only this Forces a specialised in something. Not always that means they are better as the standard Troops. For Example Garrisons. They are specialised in Sector Control and Anti-Riot-Actions but they will never be so well trained in Infantry Combat as the Wehrmacht or Red Army. Or the Luftwaffe. They are Special Forces because they are the winged Branch of the Wehrmacht. Apart from that they are almost the same as the common Landser.
On Axis Side the Marine Infantry is shown as early Wehrmacht. Maybe that changes yet.

Since CMx1 has only 15 Digits intended we have to be very economical in using these Digits. On strategical Level it will be seldom You send a smaller Formation as a Platoon over the country. At least I hope so. So the Callsigns for the Formations follow the Type SQUAD-PLATOON-COMPANY-BATTALION-REGIMENT-DIVISION-ARMY. For Example:

[1S/1P/1C/3B/3R/1D/1A] - 1st Squad/1stPlatoon/1st Company/3rd Battalion/3rd Regiment/1st Division/1st Army
The smaller the Formation Part You move the more complex the Shortcut becomes. For a Regiment it would only be:

[3R/1D/1A] - 3rd Regiment/1st Division/1st Army

So long as possible we will use the Forward Slash to separate every Formation´s Shortcut from the following Formation´s Shortcut - to make it easy to read the Shortcuts Combinations. That counts for the Troops on the CMBB Sector Map as for the Mentioning of Troops in Your Orders (Mails/PMs). The squared Brackets only I have to use – You CAN them use if You want to.
The actual Troops/Unit You are looking at is always to be seen on first Place (most left Digit-Number-Combination). At the most right Digit-Number-Combination You can read the highest-ranking Formation what is superordinated to Your actual Troops/Unit.
Furthermore there will be independent Formations, for Example a Regiment what is still growing until it is an Army. Or a Platoon what was just recruited and has no superordinated Formation yet. These Formations get a specific Callsign what starts always with:


Special Formations or very famous ones get an Honorific Title. For the AXIS Side it will something be as:

"Stauffenberg", "Hohenstauffen", "Frundsberg", Großdeutschland" etc. etc.

For the ALLIES Side it follows more something like:

"Big Red One", "Running Bulls", "Black Guard", "Red Devils" etc. etc.

Troop ---------- Trupp --------------- T
Squad --------- Gruppe ------------ S/G
Platoon -------- Zug ---------------- P/Z
Company ------ Kompanie --------- C/K
Battalion ------ Batallion ------------ B
Regiment ------ Regiment ---------- R
Division ------- Division ------------ D
Army ---------- Armee -------------- A

*To avoid a Mess we only uses the english Designations and Shortcuts. They always stand on first Place/left Side. From the Beginning on the right Shortcuts and Callsigns have to be used!!!

--- = no Orders
* = defending or stationed
= attacking or moving

Maybe I have to restrict the Formation´s Size what can get moved on the Strategical Map in later Times. For now we try it without Restrictions. For the Number of Armies of on Side (for Example AXIS) what are on the Map to the same Time we can´t avoid to restrict them. It may not be more as 9 Armies to the same Time. For a Match with 4 TCs we have then 36 Armies on the Map.

All Battalions of one Party are the same Type on Zero-Tech-Level. That changes first if You develop Low- and High-Tech Level.
This shows You what Rank is necessary to lead the concerning Formation. The leading Avatar (what isn´t necessarily Your own Avatar) is shown as a Type of CMBB-HQ. What Type that is You can see in the following Table/List:

Troop ---------------------------------------------------------------- = (Tankhunter- or LMG-Teams, maybe single Platoon-HQs???)
Squad ---------------------------------------------------------------= Platoon-HQ and 1x Squad (-) = 2nd Lieutenant
Platoon --------------------------------------------------------------= Platoon-HQ and 3x Squad = 1st Lieutenant
Company ------------------------------------------------------------= Company-HQ and 3x Platoon = Captain
Battalion ------------------------------------------------------------= Battalion-HQ and 3x Company = Major
Regiment ------------------------------------------------------------= Battalion-HQ and 3x Battalion = Colonel
Division -------------------------------------------------------------= Battalion-HQ and 3x Regiment = General
Army ----------------------------------------------------------------= Battalion-HQ and 3x Division = Field Marshal

Armor = 1 Tank = Sergeant
Armor Troop = 2 Tanks = Platoon-HQ = Second Lieutenant
Armor Platoon = 3 Tanks = Platoon-HQ = First Lieutenant
Armor Company = 3x Armor Platoon = Company-HQ = Captain
Armor Battalion = 3x Armor Company = Battalion-HQ = Major
Armor Regiment = 3x Armor Battalion = Battalion-HQ = Colonel
Armor Division = 3x Armor Regiment = Battalion-HQ = General
Armor Army = 3x Armor Division = Battalion-HQ = Field Marshal

The same as Infantry but their Battalions consist of 4 Companies each!

The same as Infantry but their Battalions (SS & Red Marines) consist of 4 Companies each! SS and Red Guards Tank Platoons have one Tank more as common Tank Platoons.

Follows the same Restrictions and Parameters as for Combat Formations. The main Difference is that these Formations can´t get taller in Size as Company or Battalion Size. The other Differences are only marginal.

Vehicle = 1 Vehicle
Vehicle Troop = 2 Vehicles
Vehicle Platoon = 4 Vehicles
Vehicle Company = 3x Vehicle Platoon

Vehicle = 1 Vehicle
Vehicle Troop = 2 Vehicles
Vehicle Platoon = 3 Vehicles
Vehicle Company = 3x Vehicle Platoon

Mortar = 1 Mortar
Mortar-Squad = 2 Mortars
Mortar-Platoon = 4 Mortars
Mortar Battery = 2x Mortar-Platoon

Squad = 2 Barrels
Battery = 4 or more Barrels

Platoon = Platoon-HQ and 3 Squads Pioneers/Engineers
Company = Company-HQ and 3 Platoons Pioneers/Engineers

Platoon = Platoon-HQ and 3 Squads
Company = Company-HQ and 3 Platoons
Battallion = Battalion-HQ and 3x Company

The following Tables show You how the concerning Formation is equipped if it comes just out of the Factory, Facility, Barracks or Training Center. During the Tournament one can open Slots for further Support Units and Support Troops. That depends on Restrictions, Fame and a few Things more then.

Company = n.A.
Battalion + 2x ATG-37mm + 2x 75mm/76mm-Inf-Gun + 4x Lorry
Regiment + Artillery Observer (only 75mm/76mm – 4 Barrels)
Division + Artillery Observer (only 105mm/107mm – 4 Barrels)
Army + Artillery Observer (only 150mm/152mm – 4 Barrels)

INFANTRY (High-Tech)
Company = 3x Inantry Platoon + 2x HMG + 2x Mortar + 2x HT
Battalion = 3x Company + Gun Squad + Artillery Observer (81mm-Mortars)
Regiment = 3x Battalion + Artillery Observer (120mm-Mortars)
Division = 3x Regiment + Artillery Observer (under 300mm)
Army = 3x Division + Artillery Observer (305mm)

ARMOR (Low-Tech)
Battalion + StuG-/Armored Tankhunter-Squad (2x SPG)
Regiment + StuG-/Armored Tankhunter-Squad (2x SPG)
Division + StuG-/Armored Tankhunter-Squad (2x SPG)
Army + StuG-/Armored Tankhunter-Squad (2x SPG)

ARMOR (High-Tech)
- ...

PARATROOPERS (only High-Tech)
- ...

SS, RED MARINES (only High-Tech)
- ...

GARRISON (basic)
- ...

- ...



Because Formations can gain experience by Battling or already are trained to a better Level as green there have to be Formation Levels in SCT. A Formation what has fought a few Battles is a regular Formation. If that Formation even has been victorious a few Times it is a veteran Formation. If it has won more as lost it is a crack Formation. And if there are many more Victories as Defeats it is an elite Formation. That is only a rough/raw Guiding. The Decision is made by the TM.
Formations what are just finished with Training and had no Battle or only very few then it is a green Formation.
In Times of great Need, if for Example the Training couldn´t get finished, there will also be recruit Formations. Another Decision of the TM.
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