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Second Front from HexDraw

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Yes, a bit cartoony looking. The dev, Jo Bader, states that it was intentional in order to keep the poly count down. This would allow the game to run on a variety of computers, including older models. Would allow for the quicker design and creation of additional content and to quickly make changes to existing content. Allow for computationally larger maps. Not distract players from the UI and accessing pertinent game information. And allow him to spend more time on his main focus of building a completely non-scripted, competent AI that is resilient and unpredictable; capable of attacking and defending using the same in-game tools that are available to the human player.

The game initially will be single player to start, and there will be no random scenario generator, so a good AI is a priority (as it should be). Bader claims that once a player learns how to create his own scenarios with the tools that will be provided, a good, medium-sized scenario can be created from scratch (including the map) in fifteen minutes, from the time it’s started to the time it appears in say, the Steam Workshop. And no suck-the-fun-out-of, tedious scripting needed. So the dev feels it won’t be a huge loss not being able to randomly flash up a scenario.

There’s something about the looks that actually strike a positive chord with me - I quite like it. The cartoony bit brings to mind an old comedy skit from years ago that Billy Crystal used to do, lampooning some high profile foreign actor (it might have been Fernando Lamas or his son, I don’t recall now). The skit always ended with, ”And remember everyone, it’s better to LOOK good, than FEEL good!”

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what drops out of the tree, hopefully sometime this year.

Definitely looks interesting enough to keep an eye on.