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Starfleet Battles

Sorry, Doug, my mistake. I was conflating different memories in my previous post; none of which relate to the cardboard game.

The PC game I mentioned is "Star Fleet - Birth of the Federation". It makes copious use of TOS sound effects . . . ;)


However, I fondly remember a long ago time watching Lou Zochi himself demonstrating a beta version of the "Star Fleet Battles" miniatures game in the Fort Hood recreation center. I wasn't a gamer yet back then and missed a chance to join in when it first began.



Anyone remember this one? It seems to be alive and well.


In my teens and 20's my group of friends and I played this game for hours. We jokingly called SFB, "Stupid F#$%ing Battles". At one point we set up a huge battle so long that it took 2 hours just to play the first turn. "All things moving 30 move now" the umpire would call out lol. I remember I used to play the Kzinti a lot with the drone launchers. Our criticism of this game was that they made the Federation too strong by borrowing technology from most of the other races. Fun game