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Sturmpanzerwagen A7V (Tank)


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Oct 11, 2010
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Castelar, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.
The Sturmpanzerwagen A7V was a tank used by the German Imperial Army in 1918, near the end of the First World War.


100 were ordered for the spring of 1918, but only 20 were completed. They saw action from March to October of that year, and was the only tank that produced Germany in World War I gained status operationalized. -

The crew usually consisted of 16 soldiers and two officers: commander, driver, mechanic, chief mechanic, twelve guns servers infants (six sharpshooters, six carriers), and two gunners (gunner and loader). -

The A7V was armed with six machine guns MG08/15 (Maschinegewehr 08) of 7.9 mm and 57 mm cannon on the front. The variant "feminine" had two more machine guns instead of the canyon.

The tank had steel plates on the sides 20 mm and 30 mm at the front, but the steel was not as tough as armor plates, which reduced their effectiveness. It was enough to stop bullets from rifle and machine gun, but not the big calibers. -

The power came from two Daimler 4-cylinder 100 hp (74 kW) each. The maximum speed was 15 km / h on roads and 5 km / h on road. Had 500 liters of fuel. -

The A7V had its baptism of combat on March 21, 1918. It was deployed north of San Quentin Canal. The A7V helped stop a minor British breakthrough in the area.-

Some specifications
Weight 30 to 33 t
Length 7.34 m (24 ft 1 in)
Width 3.1 m (10 ft)
Height 3.3 m (10 ft 10 in)
Crew 18
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A7V named "Elfriede" near Villers-Bretonneux with French troops, after the Battle of Amiens - 1918
More about the A7V tank #542, better known as “Elfriede": On April 24, 1918, some 105 years ago, after helping to break the British lines at Villers-Bretonneux, "Elfriede", was overturned in harsh terrain, abandoned and captured.
After Armistice, Elfriede was put on display at the Place de la Concorde in Paris. During its time on display, barricades were in place to prevent visitors from vandalizing "Elfriede", taking souvenirs, etc.
Checking to see if there was a museum where you could see one of these I found:

"Of Germany’s A7V Sturmpanzerwagen, only 20 were ever built for use in war. They saw limited service on the Western Front in 1918, and today only one survives – number 506, “Mephisto”."

It’s in the Queensland Museum in Australia.


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