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Syrian Regime (Red Force) Special Rules

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Nov 28, 2011
Perth, Australia
The following rules only apply to the Red Force for the duration of the campaign. Your opponents are not aware of these rules.

Home Town Advantage

Many of the men who are fighting in this area are locals that have lived here their entire lives. They know the streets, alley ways and fields like the backs of their hands. This local intelligence, with the remaining staff from the professional army is a strong mix to help provide us with an advantage.

All Combat Mission maps that are assigned to Campaign Map Nodes will be made available to players to help prepare for their defense.

When One Man Falls Another Will Take Their Place

There is no place to hide now for any man of fighting age. Only the old and infirm flee with the women and children. Depite the Syrian Army being on it's operational last legs, many in the regular army show strong spirit and a desire to fight on in any way they can against the western invader; even if it doesn't include a uniform.

All Campaign Units that fall below the minimum strength level (50%) of starting strength are dissolved as per normal. However, instead of falling back to rear areas for rest and refit, the remaining men are reassigned to other Campaign Units. For every Campaign Unit that is eliminated five steps of replenishment is added to a manpower pool to be distributed from next campaign turn onwards.
  • All refits in this manner can only be applied to non-professional Campaign Units (non-conventional forces etc).
  • Regular army manpower can be held in this pool but will reorganise and distributed as non-conventional forces.
  • If the manpower pool equates to ten steps of replenishment, a new Campaign Unit can be formed and deployed. This Campaign Unit will be of an unconventional nature.

More Will Join Our Cause

As NATO forces press their advance the local populous will take up arms to stop them. They have no other choice if they want to live in a Syria governed by Syrians.

Each time three Campaign Map Nodes are taken by NATO forces, an additional Campaign Unit will become available for deployment.

A Different Type of War

We know fighting NATO forces in a standard straight up fight will only end in disaster. We need to fight smart. What we have seen our brothers do across the border in Iraq has proved invaluable. A handful of veterans from that conflict have managed to slip unnoticed into southern Syria and are helping us set up the infrastructure to carry on a guerrilla campaign against the invaders.

One of each of the following structures is added to a specific node (in secret) on the campaign map at the start of the campaign. They are also assigned to specific building on the equivilent Combat Mission map (again at the players choice). Once assigned they can not be moved for the duration of the campaign. Each structure adds to a pool of assets that can be used in battle with NATO forces. Assets produced can be pooled over multiple campaign turns if desired. Once a campaign node is captured by NATO forces the facility is destroyed permanently. If NATO forces stumble onto the building they will be alerted to it's presence.

Vehicle Garage – A group of local mechanics has turned their garage into a refitting yard. Young boys are being sent out to acquire vehicles scattered across the region. The garage is prepping these civilian vehicles for war. For every campaign turn this garage stays open, five vehicles assets are added to the pool in the following campaign turn.
Bomb Makers – A group of experienced ordnance soldiers have left the front lines and are now prepping as many IED’s as possible to ambush to the enemy. For every campaign turn this structure remains open they produce five IED’s.
"Education Centre" – Fighters who are willing to die to stop the invader will congregate here for final teachings before giving all for the cause. For every campaign turn this structure remains open they produce 10 radicals.

Using assets

Vehicles – At the cost of one vehicle, one technical can be assigned to any unconventional forces campaign unit.
IED – At the cost of one IED, one bomb can be deployed to any engagement this turn (Army or non-conventional force). If the IED is not detonated during the course of the action it will be detonated.
Spy – At the cost of one radical, one spy will be added to an engagement this turn. (Army or non-conventional force).
Suicide Bomber – At the cost of one vehicle, one IED and one radical, one suicide bomber in a vehicle will be created and can be added to any unconventional forces campaign unit.
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