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[Tabletop RPG] World War 2: Operation WhiteBox

I always have a soft spot for tabletop RPG's.


In WWII: Operation WhiteBox, the player characters (PCs) play the role of WWII special forces operatives. They may be formally trained and part of an officially designated special forces unit such as the SAS or U.S. Army Airborne, or they may simply be guerilla fighters dedicated to making life hard for the German Army. They may also be covert agents working for organizations such as the SOE or OSS. Whatever their affiliation, their job is to complete missions behind enemy lines, paving the way for the next Allied advance.

Free(ish) copy PDF.

There are several missions available:


DESERT RAIDERS OF WWII is a collection of three (3) support missions designed for WWII: Operation WhiteBox™. Join the SAS and the LRDG and take part in historic raids against the Germans during the North Africa Campaign!

RAID ON LUFWAFFE-32: Sneak into a Luftwaffe airfield at night and blow up as many planes as you can!

PANZERS IN THE SAND: Locate the enemy tank column before it can reinforce the Germans attacking El Alamein!

AFRIKA KORPS IN KAOS: The German general wants to secretly meet and negotiate a surrender. Could this be the end of the fighting in North Africa or is it only a diabolical trap!

Desert Raiders of WWII is designed for 3-6 characters of 1st-3rd level.


NORMANDY BREAKOUT is a collection of three (3) support missions designed for WWII: Operation WhiteBox™. Storm the beaches, secure key positions, and undertake covert missions in Normandy during Operation Overlord!

ASSAULT ON PILLBOX 12: Storm the beaches of Normandy on D-Day and take out that German pillbox!

APPLES OF WAR: Assault a French farmhouse fortified by the Waffen-SS!

NAZI STRENGTH AND PRIDE: Sneak into the town of Pommetan and kidnap a Nazi icon to win the propaganda war!

Normandy Breakout is designed for 3-6 characters of 1st-3rd level.


BUSTLE IN YOUR HEDGEROW is a support mission designed for WWII: Operation WhiteBoxTM. Parachute into Normandy on D-Day, take out a German artillery battery, and rescue fellow paratroopers from a Nazi-occupied village!

Bustle in Your Hedgerow is designed for 3-6 characters of 1st-3rd level.

Bustle in Your Hedgerow is the perfect way to kick off a D-Day campaign. Check it out now. It's Berlin or Bust!

Norway Ablaze


Norway Ablaze is a mission pack for WWII: Operation WhiteBox. It contains three (3) short missions that loosely emulate the events of Operation Claymore---a series of British commando raids on the Lofoten Islands of Norway.

RELAY STATION RAID: Destroy the relay station so the Germans can't call in reinforcements or air support from the Luftwaffe!

FISH OIL FRACAS: Infiltrate a fish oil refinery and destroy its stores of fish oil to keep the Nazis from manufacturing high explosives!

BUNKER ASSAULT: Take out the German bunker whose guns are keeping the commandos from escaping the island!

Norway Ablaze is designed for 3-6 characters of 1st-3rd level.



STALINGRAD ON FIRE is a support mission designed for WWII: Operation WhiteBox™. Recover secret military documents, engage in house-to-house fighting with German soldiers, and take on a legendary Nazi sniper in the ruined city of Stalingrad!

Stalingrad on Fire is designed for 3-6 characters of 1st-3rd level.

This mission is compatible with the WWII: Operation WhiteBox™ sourcebook OWB: Tactical Combat, and comes with a download file containing Stalingrad street maps and tokens to help facilitate grid and miniatures play.

Stalingrad on Fire can be played three different ways:

Print the Stalingrad street map on one page and conduct combat encounters using the Theater of the Mind. This is the default style of play for WWII: Operation WhiteBox.
Print and assemble the Stalingrad street maps for tabletop play. Print the tokens or use your own WWII miniatures to conduct combat encounters using OWB: Tactical Combat.
Upload the Stalingrad street maps and tokens to a VTT such as Roll20 and play with friends online!

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