Tankovyi Desant AAR (Iron setting, Germans vs AI, turn-based mode). Part Seven: Ivan Occupies Two Key Points


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Oct 20, 2019
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Dronfield, UK
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3-5 pw
2-4 games.
Point Schubert and Point Mozart are occupied by the Russians. My concern now is will they keep their armour on the ridgeline and cover their infantry while they advance towards the tributary, targeting my units when they have to reveal themselves to engage the advancing troops? I decide to pull Edelweiss Leader back to a safer position, ready to advance when needed. All other units, with the exception of my two initial spotting squads, continue to remain hidden.

The view from our side of the map, with Edelweiss Leader in the bottom left corner. Russian armour can be seen on the ridgeline above the bridge, to the left of the farmhouse and on the dirt track approaching Point Schubert
Screenshot (156).png

A T-34/85, with tank-riders, occupies Point Schubert, while his kamerad burns in the background
Screenshot (148).png

2nd Squad (A Team), my other spotting team, located on the left flank, observe the T-34 occupying Point Schubert, with a second behind it, on overwatch at Point Mozart
Screenshot (150).png

The T-34 on Point Schubert must have seen 2nd Squad (A Team), because it opens fire with a HE round. Fortunately, it overshoots my men in their foxholes and explodes harmlessly in the woods behind. Will Ivan decide to stay on the ridge and keep my men tied down while he deploys his infantry, as I fear? Should I commit my StuGs at this early stage?
Screenshot (154).png