Tankovyi Desant AAR (Iron setting, Germans vs AI, turn-based mode). Part Two: The View From The Other Side


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Oct 20, 2019
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Dronfield, UK
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2-4 games.
"While the rest of my unit were preparing our defensive positions, I sent the tank-hunter and sniper teams across the river. I gave them five objectives, namely:
1. Observe our defenses, to discern if any or our units would be instantly visible to an approaching enemy.
2. Identify areas of cover and concealment that could be expoited by the enemy.
3. Identify any obstacles to possible enemy armour and/or infantry.
4. Locate points of key terrain.
5. Identify possible avenues of approach for the enemy.
They reported back with the following findings."

An overview of the area from the opposite side of the tributary, looking back towards our positions. The two dirt tracks, on the far left and leading to the bridge, could provide good avenues of approach for armour, whilst the forest and woodland in the centre and to the right would provide an obstacle for vehicles but could provide good concealment for infantry. Along with the bridge, there are three fords/crossing points, on the left, in the centre just to the right of the bridge, and to the right. The five target reference points for the mortar team were placed at these three fords, and also at the approach to the bridge and lastly on the ridge line to the right of the farm buildings.
Screenshot (85).png

The view from opposite our right flank. A wooded hill with good concealment and sighting lines across the valley to the bridge and our right flank. I identified this as a piece of key terrain, naming it Point Liszt.
Screenshot (83).png

A couple of views from the farm buildings on the hill opposite the bridge. Another piece of key terrain, providing good concealment and observation of the bridge and the dirt road leading to it. This I called Point Mozart.
Screenshot (76).png

Screenshot (84).png

Looking across towards our side of the tributary from the centre of the map, my reconnaissance teams noted a wooded ridge that could provide a good overwatch position. Again, I marked this as key terrain, naming it Point Schubert.
Screenshot (75).png

Here, the ridge line of Point Schubert, looking back to Point Mozart, can be clearly discerned.
Screenshot (86).png

Lastly, opposite our left flank, an area of low-lying marshland, accessible from the tree line that finished closer to the tributary than at any other point. Although not key terrain, I named this area Point Borodin, not without a hint of sarcasm!
Screenshot (87).png



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Mar 1, 2017
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Very cool Drew! I love AARs and in battle reports!

I will say one thing though. The CMX2 AI is dumb as hell. Just incredibly easy to defeat. AARs are WAY cooler when you fight another human. Humans are cunning and wildly unpredictable.