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The Blitz Wargaming Club site

Excellent - Many Wargames catered for, Finding Opponents, Ladder Games,
Good - CM Scenario of the Month, Scenario info, been around for years.
Poor - Very little conversation/banter on the forums.

Whilst a useful site for getting a game opponent - they cater for a lot of games other than Combat Mission - there is very little "community" discussion or interaction. (Possibly a significant bonus for some)

OTOH it's CM scenario reviews and monthly Scenarios of the month for CM are excellent - the scenario of month is usually selected from base scenarios that have little feedback on their site in an effort to improve this database.

Friendly membership and the site has been around for years & years, so is unlikely to disappear.

Personally I check in every couple of days and have played in virtually every Scenario of the month. it's a nice place to find opponents.
I started out my wargaming career at the Blitz with CMBO and Campaign Series... I loved the place. There were loads of folk willing to help out but after a while it became clear that because the Blitz was one of the biggest sites out there other sites started taking potshots at them and it all ended up a pissing contest with members from within the Blitz bickering with each other.

I was at the Blitz for a good few years and released a newsletter for them and was moderator of the CM section and the like and also helped out financially but the bickering got too much for me and changes to the site seemed to take forever.

I left and set up The FGM for the simple reason that the Blitz had become a victim of its own success... it became too big and lost that community feel. Whereas The FGM feels like a small pub with regulars who know each other and a local band playing in the background the Blitz is like Madison Square Gardens... all singing all dancing but out of the thousands of folks packed inside you may only know one or two and you can lose them easily in the crowd. Its also like a Madison Square Garden that hasnt been painted or cleaned in over a decade.

The site looks the same as it did years ago and needs a makeover. I would love to run the Blitz because honestly it is a sleeping giant that needs a bloody good shake!!

Like Badger73 said some of the sections of the Blitz are amazing (scenario listings/ladders etc.)... its just a shame the whole site seems like a huge ship floating about with no real direction.

It will always hold a soft spot in my heart... its what got me into wargaming.
Same here -- also started my online gaming career at the Blitz with Campaign Series ... started running Tournaments and Campaigns before Randy Plume recruited me for the Dark Side and CM ... never looked back.

Also preferred FGM's smaller, more personal character and been here ever since ... every now and then I pop over to see how the Blitz is doing...