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The Hidden Battle


FGM Colour Sergeant
Mar 14, 2021
Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada
Not sure if this might have been noted in any previous postings but least it hasn't been, and for anyone interested in learning about a somewhat more modern day Canadian Army battle that was never widely reported, may I recommend you give a view to the YouTube video entitled "Canadian Soldiers fought Croats in the battle forbidden to talk about - Medak Pocket 1993" (running time 27:05 mins, published Aug 29/2018) on the YouTube channel Perun Web, although I should note that I have seen other videos on this subject elsewhere on YouTube as well.

This video details a full blown shooting engagement between Canadian peacekeepers and the Croatian Army during the Serbian-Croatian conflict in which outnumbered they fought valiantly against the horrors of ethnic cleansing successfully holding off advancing Croat forces in intense combat only to have their short-lived victory covered up in the interests of political expediency.

This riveting engagement was also detailed in a terrific book written by Carol Off entitled "The Ghosts of Medak Pocket - The Story of Canada's Secret War".

Cheers & good viewing and / or good reading. (y)
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