The King Is Dead -- FOG II mini campaign (Concluded)

Anybody keen on playing in this mini campaign -- it'll be a bit like a knife fight in a phone booth between Anglo-Saxons, Welsh and Scots (with the Vikings bashing on the glass to get in from outside) :) ... and we're old enough to remember what a phone booth is. ;)

Adapted the setting and map from a board game called "The King Is Dead".

The King is dead. The kingdom is divided. Three factions: the Scottish, the Welsh and the English vie for control ...and across the sea foreign invaders prepare to take advantage of the chaos.

The rules are dead simple.

Only 5 turns.

Three players or teams playing the factions on the British isles in late 800's AD... and me as GM playing the Vikings who are the spoilers and arrive to raid/invade randomly every turn determined by dice rolls.

king is dead sample.jpg

In the map above is starting set up -- Anglo-Saxons in yellow, Welsh in red, Scots in green and Vikings in blue. The player playing Anglo-Saxons will have most to do with most regions and also greatest vulnerability to Viking raids. (they can possibly have a two-player team)

Each faction gets one attack per turn (rules for attacks basically the same as the Empire Builders campaigns. Any level attack wins the invaded region or repels the invader.
(You can attack into any adjacent region, one battle only per region only. You can attack into a region from which an attack has already been launched, you cannot attack into or from a region that is already under attack)

Vikings can land in Alba, Strathclyde, Northumbria, Essex and Wessex.
(Vikings have a limit of 3 invasion fleets -- every time an invasion is repelled, a fleet is removed from the roster -- if an invasion is successful, the fleet gets returened to the Viking box at top right.)

Orders sequence is determined by % results in previous round -- although 1st Round has a set orders sequence.

Factions use following armies:
1. Anglo-Saxons: Anglo-Saxon (871 - 949 AD)
2. Scots: Scots (851 - 1051 AD)
3. Welsh: British (600 - 1030 AD) -- (the original Welsh army list is too light and fluffy to be competitive)
4. Vikings: Viking (790 - 899 AD)

Victory points are awarded at end of Turn 5: 1 point per regions conquered and controlled outside your core starting regions. (minus any starting regions you might have lost)

Vikings get 1 point per region controlled at end of Turn 5.

-- but the idea is to have fun!

Below a sample map from a play test (it's turn 2 but I forgot to move the turn marker)

king is dead sample 2.jpg

Vikings have captured ALBA in the previous turn... and Scots launch an attack to recapture it.

A Viking fleet lands in Essex. (there are rules and limitations on Viking fleets available)

The Welsh invades Wessex... and the Anglo-Saxons invade Cumbria.

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Okay, we can get started -- @Josey Wales -- you're up first with your attack order.

king is dead TURN 1a.jpg

TURN 1 Attack Orders sequence is the following:

1. SCOTS (Green) - @Josey Wales
2. WELSH (Red) - @Nelson1812 & @Nathangun
3. Anglo-Saxon (Yellow) - @Bootie & @chiquichops
4. Vikings

So, @Josey Wales , where do you want to attack first? -- Cumbria or Northumbria?

2. Scots: Scots (851 - 1051 AD)
3. Welsh: British (600 - 1030 AD)
1. Anglo-Saxons: Anglo-Saxon (871 - 949 AD)
4. Vikings: Viking (790 - 899 AD)


Every faction can perform ONE attack per turn. (if there is a available region to attack into)

The turn order for factions issuing orders is determined by the best % achieved in the previous Turn's battles.

Only ONE battle per region.

A faction may not attack into a region already under attack.
A faction may not attack from a region already under attack.
A faction may attack into a region from which an attack into another region is being launched.


Battles are played in FOGII "Wolves At The Gates" DLC:
Open Battle, Medium size -- either Pot Luck map or agreed by both sides.

To keep things simple: Any % level of victory will win the attacker the region or repel the attack.
If a battle ends in DRAW, the attacker is repulsed.
(this includes Viking battles as well)

Viking raids and attacks are determined by die roll.
Vikings have THREE fleets available to invade by sea (Alba, Strathclyde, Northumbria, Essex and Wessex)
If a Viking landing is successful, a Viking garrison is installed and the next turn a LAND attack also becomes an option.
(The Viking Fleet counter is returned for re-use into the Viking box.
If a Viking Fleet landing is REPULSED, then the fleet marker is permanently removed from the map)

Winning scores are determined at the end of TURN 5.
A faction is awarded ONE point per region controlled outside their core home regions.
ONE point is deducted per home core region that is under enemy control.

Vikings score ONE point per region conquered at the end of TURN 5.

If a faction no longer controls any regions at the end of a turn, that faction is eliminated.
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