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The Vietnam War

Australian soldiers line up for a shower at Bien Hoa Airbase north of Saigon in South Vietnam, Aug 1965.
This is Cyril Richard "Rick" Rescorla (born on England in 1939) during the Battle of Ia Drang (Nov 1965).

Rescorla, a veteran man was fight communists in Cyprus, Rhodesia and Vietnam, was immortalized on the cover of We Were Soldiers Once … and Young, a book about the Battle of Ia Drang that was later turned into a movie starring Mel Gibson. Rescorla led a platoon during the battle and earned a reputation for being cool under fire.
Rescorla survived the war and left the military to pursue a career in teaching. After teaching for three years at the University of South Carolina, he accepted a more lucrative job in corporate security.
On Sept 11, 2001, Rescorla, as director of security for Morgan Stanley was credited with saving 2,687 lives in the World Trade Center attacks. Only 13 Morgan Stanley employees didn’t make it out. Even him.
On Sept 11, 2019, Rick received the Presidential Citizens Medal from then US President Donald Trump.
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