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THREE KINGDOMS - FOG Medieval Campaign - TURN 4

Zinia roll= 1 +3 momentum? Nothing anyway...
Zinia roll=7 +2 on momentum track?
I'll let you get back to me on that and roll on SCAVUZZO
Roll= 7 ...
AGRIGENTO Bonus Diplomacy Rolls:
Scavuzzo flips to NEUTRAl
Zinia flips to AGRIGENTO control.


SYRACUSA Bonus Diplomacy Roll on Zinia.
(modifier +1 -- Die roll: 9 + 10 = 10 --> Zinia flips back to Neutral.


Time to select your Operations.

Purchase & deploy armies and any fortress repairs/upgrades.


Agrigento: 31 Gold

Syracusa: 31 Gold

Catania: 26 Gold

3 Kingdoms Turn 4 Planning B.jpg
Nope, sorry. I'll get on it this afternoon or tonight. I have my army I in Raguza and II in BORGETTO but have to calculate strength etc.
AGRIGENTO Army II marches to Zinia.


SYRACUSA Army I marches to Platane.
(Modifiers; Friendly City +2, Siege Train -2) Die Roll: 4 -- March Successful


Over to @Nathangun


PS: In my Planning Phase I also upgraded Fortifications of newly-captured Licata by +1.

Turn 4 Camp 01.jpg
AGRIGENTO plays Siege on Zinia -- No Effect.


SYRACUSA plays march operation: Army II -- Cafalu --> Zinia
(Modifiers: Friendly City +1, Army over 12pts: -2) Die Roll: 7 - 1 = 6 --> Success

We have contact:
Syracusa Army II revealed at strength 14.

@chiquichops -- does Agrigento Army II stand and fight? (and you need to reveal your Army II's strength)

Turn 4 Camp 03b.jpg
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I'll fight. I'm at 17 points after just losing one.
I have a siege train to btw
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