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Three Kingdoms - FOG: Medieval Campaign

@chiquichops , @Nathangun and myself are looking at starting this up soon.

THREE KINGDOMS is a FOG: Medieval campaign set on a fictional Mediterranean island (loosely based on Sicily) which is split between the Kingdom of Catania in the north-west, the Duchy of Agrigento in the north-east and the Sultanate of Syracusa in the south-east – who are engaged in a five year-long war for mastery of the island.

Rules are based on the Return to Graecia Campaign system from Little Wars TV (and some borrowings from @kronenblatt 's adaptation) with some variations for siege warfare and it has THREE factions instead of two.

First draft of rules are attached below for perusal.

Armies to be used:
Kingdom of Catania - German (Imperial) (1488-1500)
Duchy of Agrigento - Venetian (1440-1500)
Sultanate of Syracusa -- Ottoman Turkish (1430 - 1500)

We are going to do it without a GM -- we'll share an online dice room for die rolls and work on an honour system with FOW in respect of the Operations Chits and Army sizes.



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