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Turn 11

Wellsonian closes in. He attacks my Heavy Artillery from behind and disorders it in melee (A). He turns his elephant to face my left flank cavalry (B). He advances against my right flank with both cavalry and infantry (C). He advances his cohorts and positions most of his Medium Infantry on his right flank (D). He initiates a light infantry melee (E) to tie my skirmisher down or bait my own medium infantry into melee.

I respond by:
  1. Attacking the light cavalry in artillery melee with an Imitation Legionnaire cohort which falls back to the villa. Then I move 2 of my light cavalry archers adjacent to it.
  2. Advancing my right flank Thureophoroi to the hill’s edge in order to better support my right flank Xystophoroi and Armored Nobles cavalry and supporting skirmishers.
  3. Pulling back my right flank Xystophoroi and Armored Nobles cavalry.
  4. Retreating a left flank Armored Nobles cavalry unit from the Armenian cataphracts.
  5. Chasing the left flank Roman skirmishers away and beating the Roman archers in the skirmish melee. They fell back Disordered.
  6. Peppering his elephant with arrows. Light cavalry archers had no effect. I advanced a unit of Jewish light infantr archers to short range behind the Roman cataphracts and their shots Disordered his elephant. (y)

My Heavy Artillery cannot fire because it is Disordered. That was Wellsonian's goal in attacking it. Disordering his elephant was a sweet vengeance for me.
I think Wellsonian will charge his battleline this next turn.