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Turn 12

Wellsonian closes in. He advances his right flank medium infantry against my left flank Thureophoroi (A). His elephant lumbers away from my light archers and towards my left flank cavalry (B). He reinforces his advance against my right flank (C). His cohorts position themselves across my front and taunt me with vulgar language (D). He cocks the hammer. Next turn he will pull the trigger. For what I’m about to receive, may I be truly thankful . . .


I respond by:
  1. Attacking with my 2 left flank Thureophoroi against his 1 unit of Roman Thurephoroi. The rest of his Medium Infantry are going to grind into me anyway. This is my only chance to gain advantage there, as slim a chance as it is.
  2. Advancing my right flank Thureophoroi to align with the Xystophoroi and Armored Nobles cavalry. If I can hold off his far left flank, I might be able to flank his Heavy Foot cohorts later.
  3. Retreating a left flank Armored Nobles cavalry unit from the Armenian cataphracts positioning them so that 1 can shake off his pursuit.
  4. Chasing the left flank Roman skirmishers further away and hoping to compromise his rear with them.
  5. Peppering his elephant with arrows to no adverse effect.
  6. I sure with my Armored Noble Cavalry would stop chasing routed skirmishers. It would be nice if they returned to battle and did something useful!
My Heavy Artillery cannot fire because it is still Disordered. Wellsonian did not charge his battleline this turn. I can’t imagine that he won’t in the next. I need my battleline to hold against his better troops so that something from either flank can turn this crimson tide.