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Turn 13

Wellsonian’s battline attacks!
  1. He hits 4 of my cohorts and each fights to a draw.
  2. He advances the Thureophoroi unit on my left to try and flank my Thureophori fighting there.
  3. He moves the Spanish Scutarii on my left to try and flank my Veteran Legionary cohort fighting his general.
  4. He faces the cavalry and infantry on my far right towards the center in preparation for a likely advance against my wing defending there.
  5. His Cataphract and elephant threaten my Armored Noble Cavalry.
  6. His other Cataphract turns toward the Medium Infantry melee on my right.
Unless someone falters prematurely, it will be the grind of shield punches and sword thrusts for a few turns. His elite and superior infantry stand a better chance of passing cohesion test than my average rated Mediocre and Imitation legionaries.

  1. I belatedly realize that his light horse archer unit in my rear might evade when I charge. I do. It does . . . .
  2. I shift the other light horse archer unit by the villa to support the left of my battleline against encroaching Scutarii and move an Imitation Legionary cohort behind it.
  3. I pepper the Roman Thureophoroi unit advancing on my left with skirmisher stones and arrows. Luckily , I Disorder it.
  4. I move my left flank Xystophoroi with General to threaten his Cataphracts facing my Armored Noble cavalrymen.
  5. I reposition my right flank Xystophoroi and Armored Noble cavalrymen to make the Romans think twice about advancing against my infantry flank.
None of my right flank skirmisher fire causes and disruptions. The Judean Heavy Foot legionary cohorts fighting battleline melees do not falter and stay steady. The Thureophoroi melee on my left flank grinds away inflicting more casualties than receiving; those Judean medium infantrymen have a good chance of prevailing. My Heavy Artillery remains Disordered.