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Turn 14

  1. Wellsonian charges my left flank Armored Noble Cavalry. Melee is a draw. He brings up his elephant to support the next melee round.
  2. His Armenian Cataphracts advance towards the meleeing Thureophoroi.
  3. The left flank unit of Roman Thracians with Rhomphala charge my light cavalry. It evades. Thracians and Imitation Legionnaires face each other.
Melee’s continue with neither side disrupting any units.


  1. My upper left Armored Nobles Cavalry frees up and turns towad the Roman cataphract and elephant.
  2. My left flank Xystophoroi move to flank the Roman cataphracts next turn.
  3. My 2 Thureophori win the melees against the Roman Thureophori first Disrupting, then Fragmenting it.
  4. My Imitation Legionnaires beat the Roman Thracians and push it back. Melee
  5. My right flank light cavalry beat their Roman counterparts until they rout.
Skirmishers fling sticks and stones to no adverse effect. The Heavy Artillery remains Disordered.
Neither side has any units disrupt in the main battleline push of shields and stabs with short sword. However, my Judean cohorts are being ground down at the faster rate.

Judeans currently have a 10% advantage over Romans; 14% casualties inflicted / 4% casualties received. If I can continue successfully chipping away at flank support units, I may buy sufficient time for the center to hold long enough for flankers to turn inward and put Roman units at disadvantage later.