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Turn 15

  1. Wellsonian’s elephant charges my Armored Noble Cavalry, Disrupting it in the subsequent melee.
  2. His disrupted Thureophoroi charge my Fragmented one, routing it and disrupting my other Thureophoroi.
  3. His Armored Noble cavalry charges my light cavalry archers, Disrupting them
  4. Our battlelines continue to grind away. He Disrupts a General’s Mediocre Legionary cohort. The rest of the battleline melee’s and stands fast.

  1. The Roman elephant and Armenian cataphract Fragment my Armored Noble Cavarly unit but my Xystophoroi charge the flank of his cataphracts, Disrupting them.
  2. My other Judean Armored Noble cavalrymen advance towards that fray.
  3. Our Disrupted Thurophoroi remain locked in melee
  4. Jewish javelinmen move away from the Armenian cataphracts,
  5. Jewish light archers and light cavalry move away from the Roman battleline left flank
  6. Judean Thurophoroi charge Roman skirmishers. They evade and the Thurophoroi chase after and halt exposing their left flank to Roman medium infantry.
Skirmishers skirmish. The battleline melees and casualties fall. A Judean cohort Disrupts and the Jewish disrupted Heavy Artillery fails to rally.
The melee’s are taking their toll and it won’t be long before one side or the other starts failing their Cohesion tests.