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Turn 16

Roman turn:
  1. Wellsonian shatters a Judean Imitation Legionnaire cohort with its general in the center. The rest of my line holds after melee.
  2. The Roman cataphract advances toward the Thureophoroi melee on my left
  3. The other Roman cataphract and elephant break my Armored Noble cavalry unit. The elephant pursues.
  4. Roman skirmishers break another unit of Jewish ones on the right.
  5. Roman Thracians with rhomphala’s charge the flank of my exposed Thurephoroi on the right. The Judeans hold.
Other melees continue with neither side disrupting.


Jewish turn:
  1. Melee disordered Roman cataphracts with my left flank Xystophoroi and bring up my Armored Nobles cavalry to charge them next turn.
  2. Disorder left flank Thrancians with rhompala with Imitation Legionaries.
  3. Charge battleline right flank Jewish Veteran Legionnaires into Roman skirmishers causing them to Fragment.
  4. Charging right flank Jewish Xystophoroi & general into Roman Medium Foot causing them to Disorder. Repositioning other right flank cavalry to protect m Xystophoroi from countercharges.
Jewish heavy artillery remains disordered.

The tide turns and Jewish forces slip from +14% to -1% this turn. My battleline will crumble soon. The only place I can win this match is on the flanks. Let’s see how that goes . . . .