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Turn 17

  1. Wellsonian’s cataphracts Disorder in melee against Jewish Xystophoroi and light cavalry archers.
  2. Roman Thurophoroi rally and continue the melee against their Jewish counterparts.
  3. Roman cataphracts charge Jewish slingers and Fragment them.
  4. Roman Veteran Legionaires charge the Jewish Heavy Artillery unit but only Disorders them.
  5. Roman Armored Noble cavalrymen on my far right flank charge Jewish light cavalry archers who successfully evade them.
Melee’s grind on but everyone holds fast!


  1. Jewish Xystophoroi break the Roman cataphracts and pursue. The Armored Nobles cavalry and supporting skirmishers ride toward the main battleline.
  2. Roman cataphracts pursue Jewish light cavalry archers into the woods.
  3. Jewish Heavy Artillerymen Fragment against Roman Veteran Legionaries but do not break.
  4. Jewish Thurophoroi Fragment Roman Medium Foot and then Jewish Armored Noble cavalry charge their flank and break them.
  5. Jewish Armored Noble cavalry charge into Roman Medium Foot already in melee against Jewish Xystophoroi but they hold in disorder.
The battleline continues with swords thrusting and shields punching but none of the battered cohorts flinch.
Hope springs eternal for Judea. The battle has swung back +5% in Jewish favor and Roman flanks are starting to disorder. The balance could swing either way . . .