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Turn 21

  1. Legionnaires continue to melee.
  2. Armenian Cataphracts melee against Jewish Armored Noble cavalrymen
  3. Roman cohort stands fast waiting for cavalry support before attacking.
  4. Other Roman foot march towards the hill where the last Jewish cohort stands.
The elephant closes the gap.


  1. A Thureophoroi unit rallies from Fragmented to Disordered.
  2. An Armored Noble cavalry unit rallies from Fragmented to Disordered.
  3. Skirmishers shoot pointy sticks at elephants to no effect.
  4. Light Cavalry chase Roman skirmishers for a second light cavalry unit to route it. Jewish heavy cavalry consolidate together.
  5. Jewish Veteran Legionnaires back up
  6. Jewish light cavalry face Roman Armored Noble cavalrymen in an attempt to screen my Disordered Thureophoroi next turn.
Interestingly enough, the battle is still neck-and-neck according to the scores . . .