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Turn 3

Turn 3

This is still the opening gambit maneuver phase. Wellsonian continues a general Roman advance shifting his forces to bear down on my right. His cavalry moves in support and his elephant advances forward out of sight behind the hill.

While I am not able to move my Heavy Artillery, Wellsonian certainly appears wanting to avoid it. Heavy artillery long range is 9 squares; short range is 6. All his moves across that front are avoiding my onager's arc of fire.


I counter by strengthening my skirmisher lines.
1) I advance infantry skirmishers on my left to threaten his light horse archers next turn.
2) I advance my left flank Thureophori to directly support my skirmishers
3) I shift cavalry skirmishers on my right to better support my skirmish infantry so that I can more effectively respond when he comes at them. This prepares my skirmishers to mix it up on my right.
4) Then I wheel my main battle line clockwise to face more to the right.
5) I split off half my cavalry force to secure the left - it will take 3-4 turns to get there.
6) I retained a right flank cavalry force to protect that flank because next turn, I will refuse my right yet again.


I will not win this battle by standing still. As he bears more heavily on my right, I want the ability to break out with a stronger force from my left. My battle line is rotating clockwise to face his main effort but my left flank forces need to be weighted enough to anchor a flank which will need to turn away from the security of that left side treeline.