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Turn 6

Wellsonian’s movement:
  1. Continues the advance on my right, pushing my skirmishers out of the way and Fragmenting a unit of Jewish Slingers (A).
  2. Starts advancing the whole of his center towards the my right; a movement to support his own right flank later. His elephant still remains hidden, likely behind the center's little hill.
  3. Keeps mixing it up with skirmishers on my left. His Disordered Horse Archers rally (B). He disorders a unit of Jewish Slingers there (C).
He marches his battleline through the hilltop rough terrain for eventual positioning against my right.


I respond by:
  1. Continuing to engaging the light cavalry horse archers on my left. I Fragment a 2nd Roman light horse archer unit with missiles then charge 1 unit of my own light cavalry into his rightmost Fragmented unit. It breaks and the Roman horse archer unit next to it fails morale and breaks as well. First blood scored by Judeans!
  2. Flinging more stones at his center skirmishers and Disrupting 1 unit of light archers. Holding the Thureophoroi on my left to threaten those 3 Roman skirmishers; both Thureophoroi units have taken light casualties from skirmisher arrows but remain in good order. Continuing to advance the cavalry units supporting my left. Both Thureophoroi units a 1 cavalry unit of Armored Nobles could charge his skirmishers but I think Wellsonian is baiting me because chasing after them will pull me out of position where the medium infantry in his center could pounce on them. I also send the Disrupted light horse archers forward to find the elephant I suspect still hides behind the little hill in the center of the map. My hope is to finish the left flank skirmishing in my favor and have a nice little flanking force of my own to support the main fight later.
  3. Withdrawing the Disrupted skirmishers on my right to safer locations where the light horse archers turn and shoot at his skirmishers. Both my Disrupted and Fragmented slingers run away from immediate danger.
  4. Inflicting more skirmisher fires on my right to afflict a unit of Veteran Legionnaires.
  5. Holding the cavalry units on my right further to my right to anticipate threatening the far flank of the slow Roman advance there.

I could have fired my Heavy Artillery again but at long range it won’t do much damage. It can hold boulders and wait for better shots at short ranges instead. I also hold my main battle line in place. As Wellsonian’s center continues to my right, I will shift my Heavy Foot accordingly then. I think deliberate patience is the key to my success here. Rash actions will precipitate my doom . . . :eek: