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Turn 7

Wellsonian’s movement:
  1. Continues the advance on my right, pushing my skirmishers out of the way and Breaking a unit of Jewish Slingers (A) and trapping another unit of slingers with his Heavy Foot (B).
  2. Advances the whole of his center towards the my right and positions his Cataphracts to guard his right flank (C); a movement to support his own left flank later. His elephant marches behind them.
  3. Keeps mixing it up with skirmishers on my left. His Disordered Horse Archers evade to the far left (D). He Fragments a unit of Jewish Slingers there (E).
He moves and starts rotating his battleline to occupy the hill overlooking my right flank.


I respond by:
  1. Pursing the Roman light cavalry horse archers on my left with 1 unit of my own light horse archers.
  2. Fragmenting a Roman skirmish unit with missiles then charge 1 of my Thureophoroi into it but it successfully evades me. I charge his other skirmish infantry and they evade as well.
  3. Advancing the other Thureophoroi on my left and advance my left flank Xystophoroi and Armored Nobles cavalry to create a more solid line supporting my skirmishers. Light cavalry horse archers take my new far left flank and foot skirmishers consolidate with the cavalry.
  4. Withdrawing all the skirmishers on my right to safer locations with my right flank cavalry where they will turn and shoot later.
  5. Turning my battleline’s right flank heavy foot 90 degrees to march 1 or 2 squares uphill next turn.
  6. Turning the left side of my battleline to move in line forward of the Heavy Artillery.
  7. Pulling my right flank Thureophoroi back to support my newly intended battleline when it forms.

I continue holding Heavy Artillery fire because at long range it won’t do much damage. As Wellsonian’s center continues to my right, I shifted my Heavy Foot accordingly to face them when they form into a new line on the hill. My right flank cavalry will not have much room to maneuver if hard pressed. I need to think about pulling them back entirely if I determine that they will be unable to slip behind the Roman Heavy Foot left flank as the battle develops.