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Turn 8

Wellsonian continues the advance on my right, pursuing my skirmishers to keep out of the way while advancing the whole of his center towards the my right with his Armenian cataphracts guarding his right flank and his elephant on the move. On my far left, his Disordered light horse archers retreat further away.


I respond by:
  1. Continuing to pursue the lone Disorderd Roman light cavalry horse archers on my left with 1 unit of my own light horse archers.
  2. Solidifying the positioning of the Thureophoroi on my left with my left flank Xystophoroi and Armored Nobles cavalry and supporting kirmishers. Light cavalry horse archers take my new far left flank and foot skirmishers consolidate with the cavalry.
  3. Re-establishing the skirmish line on my right.
  4. Continuing to turn my battleline 90 degrees clockwise and anchor it 2 squares uphill.
  5. Positioning the left side of my battleline to move in line forward of the Heavy Artillery.

I shoot a round of Heavy Artillery fire because at short range against a Veteran Legionary cohort with a probability of inflicting 0-38 casualties. It does ZERO damage! If Wellsonian’s Romans don’t kill them during the battle, I will stand those artillerymen at attention for formal decimation.

So, we are rotating our battlelines a quarter turn clockwise and figuring out where to launch our assaults.