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USS Texas - Refit and Drydock

I know there was a prior USS Texas topic but I just couldn't find it.
So, the USS Texas is in drydock for a serious refit.
Another You Tube I watched showed her hull is remarkably water tight from the last repairs (1989?).
Too bad there is no way to get her running again.
Also, that prior vid had a walk around her keel and OMG is she BIG! I may have to go find that one again.
Anyway, this one is just visual eye candy.
Ah, here it is. Found it right away.
BIG, right?
And one more older YT because the video quality is awesome!
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I've wondered if there is a way to get her moving under her own power again, true her engines will never run again, short of a generous billionaire donating a sizable amount of his fortune...

But I wonder if azipods couldn't be installed to her hull and install a bunch of electric generators just under (or maybe even on) her deck.
She wouldn't be particularly fast, and you'd never have the feeling of the living, breathing behemoth she would have been when her engines were turning, but perhaps enough for her to putter around and move herself in and out of drydock.

Afterall, I doubt any of us will be moving at full speed if we ever make 100+ years old! :ROFLMAO:
Moment to inspection on board the battleship USS Texas, somewhere Atlantic sea, 1942.
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