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Victory at Sea Pacific



The Steam reviews of VaS 1.4 is: simple, fun but lacking in depth. VaSP looks like it will not venture too far from VaS.
Some good competition in this space - World of Warships, Steel Oceans to name a couple.
After cranking up the hours on CMANO I can attest to its quality and depth, although not the most visual of games it offers a lot of satisfaction when you get it right!


FGM Major
May 11, 2013
Heart of America
Well in the original you play a campaign, which basically is random encounter type battles or tasks. It is, in a sense, somewhere between operational and tactical, maybe more being a series of tactical battles that get scored, so to speak. This newer version clearly has operational components and to an extent, strategic components in that it introduces bases, base expansion( shipyards) and ship refitting. So I think it will be a better overall experience, although certainly not at the level of CMANO or WitP-AE or even SAS, which actually had a forerunner ship design and resource allocation scheme like Rule the Waves (National Command Authority elements), only with World War 2 major combatants. Keep in mind the Pacific Storm and Battlestation titles have already done World War 2 this way, so it's not even a new concept. Even the Battlestation titles and Pacific Storm titles were pre-dated by the GNBNA series and TF 1942, which allowed you strategic, operational, fleet and individual unit control, even down to aiming the guns. Not a new concept at all.