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As Im deemed rather biased when putting my case across as to why visitors should join the FGM Ive created this thread for YOU the members to tell the lurkers, visitors and guests why they should join. A section of the home page will link directly to this thread so lets sell ourselves. :)


Dutch Grenadier

Just because you can :p

I like to hang around here. It feels like my online livingroom where I can hang out with folks I don't even know but it feels like I know them my whole live.


Join the FGM and you can collect all these spangling ribbons that make your avatar look like a Soviet war hero on Liberation Day!
WHY NOT JOIN??? That is the question.
I have been a member of the Blitz, WAW, Game Squad, and numerous others. Bootie and you other guys run your shit right. Fun tournaments, fun campaigns, and numerous other game set ups. You guys here are very inventive on keeping the CM series fresh and exciting. If I was stuck to just playing the game I would have quit a long time ago (my wife would be happier as a side point). Arma 2 and 3, Mechwarrior, Chess, and all those old school campaign series games you guys get into. The list stays fresh as someone brings something new to the table all the time and there is never a shortage of people to jump on board to try and make it work. Oh, and how can I forget Louis' pics and Hedge's jokes along with Rico's kick ass inventive ways of keeping us excited about the Combat Mission game. Kudos to all and especially the Boss for keeping it all gelled together.


Join because humans are generally curious and like to discover new things ... joke apart ... a nice place to discuss and go back in the past knowledge of the history some perhaps really lived ... discuss from all ... give and recieve ideas...solutions ...