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Oct 8, 2015
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Stockholm, Sweden
My contribution to the Scenario Design Competition will be called "Winterreise".
Initial ideas: Hypothetical H2H-scenario for Final Blitzkrieg which it is set in and around Dinant (Belgium) on Dec 27th. The German advance to the Meuse was beaten back when the weather cleared over Christmas and Allied air forces could roam freely. Large stocks of fuel were destroyed and all seemed to grind to a halt. Then fortune swung the German way as the weather worsened significanly and a blizzard hit the area. An ad hoc formation, the KG Leiermann, was formed and given the last supplies of fuel to venture ahead. They advanced under cover of darkness and low visibility of the blizzard to Dinant with the mission to establish a foothold in the town by securing the citadel perched on top of a tall cliff overlooking Dinant and the bridge across the Meuse. The second mission is to secure the cathedral in central Dinant which overlooks the bridge itself. These locations will be a very valuable vantage point to observe Allied reinforcements and secure the crossing of the Meuse to be used when the rest of the force refuels and links up.

The mission is set with blizzard/heavy snow and freezing cold weather. It will be about a 1 hour scenario. Map is coming along nicely but am testing some things before progressing more, foremost how to best make the citadel and how units spot/act in blizzard conditions. Preliminary US forces consist of engineers, towed TD and armored infantry.

Will post screenshots as soon as the map reaches the next stage.
A little WIP screenshot:

Dinant seen from the US side. In the foreground the train station. The Meuse cuts through town holding the coveted crossing bridge. Behind it the cathedral and looming on a tall cliff behind it - the citadel. The Germans only way into Dinant is through via the road between the hills (left of the citadel). Map/town not finished but this is the basics of it and the part were most of the battle will take place.
Amazing! I'm very impressed with your use of the elevation tool, those are some good looking cliffs.
Indeed, amazing cliffs!
The CMx2 endine shines in hilly and mountainous terrain, too bad many mapmakers neglect proper hight adjustment. *making advertisment for wown map* :D
Cool map -- and if CM ever makes it to 1940, you can have the Germans fight on this map again :D
Didn't know they fought in Dinant en route to France. I know the town got demolished in WWI and that Charles De Gaulle was injured there. And now the bridge across the Meuse is named after him.
Indeed, amazing cliffs!
The CMx2 endine shines in hilly and mountainous terrain, too bad many mapmakers neglect proper hight adjustment. *making advertisment for wown map* :D
I agree. My first inspiration for making "dramatic" maps was the FI scenario "Ramparts of the Palikoi". If you are into this kind of maps you migh like my upcoming scenario "Rittersprung (H2H)" that I will release on TPG in a few weeks. It is a semi-historical scenario set in and around Ouren (Our river) for FB.
Here is my entry for the competition. Not playtested and to be honest, not quite finished as intended but wanted to participate anyway. Make sure to turn shaders on after starting the scenario. For some reason it is always off for this scenario.


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