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World of Tanks - Going Modern?

This will be huge! Looking forward to what all the YT talking heads think about it.
Although hearing this my surprise level is pretty low. I mean, at the rate they've cranked out new tanks over the last 2-4 years it is no real surprise there is nothing left
to create (real or imagined) w/o going modern.
However, by doing that the amount of problems they are going to have to overcome will be enormous. For example, how would a current Tier X tank even be able to
compete against an Abram? IMHO the couldn't. Soo..how is WG going to deal with that? My guess would be they would have to create two gaming styles, "Classic" and
"Modern." Then give the players the option of what kind of tanks they want to play with before any given battle.
I'll let you know if WG calls me seeking my advice.
It will be very interesting to see how it all shakes out.


FGM Lieutenant
Oct 10, 2017
Next they will go to future tanks. Then to battle-mechs. You heard it here first, folks.