Hello and welcome to The Proving Grounds II(TPGII) the name may sound familiar to a lot of the older Combat Mission players due to the fact that The Scenario Depot and The Proving Grounds were the go to place for new scenarios and play-testing of beta-stage scenarios in the late-90’s onwards.

Since the release of CMX2 and the falling away of players from the CMX1 series and due to the more advanced skills and time needed to design scenarios the art of making them has sadly become the pursuit of the few.  It is time to address this problem and that what CM gamers require is a new ‘go to’ place for the storage and downloading of scenarios and so The Proving Grounds II has come into existence with the blessing of Gary Krockover the original owner and designer of TSD and TPG.

We are aiming to have a centralised location where new scenarios being designed have the opportunity to be play tested to an acceptable standard before being transferred to The Scenario Depot III for release to the whole community as a tried and tested product.

We are aware receiving feedback on scenarios is often hard to come by but having this dedicated area we pledge as a wargaming club to rate and provide feedback to the battles we play which is invaluable to designers.  Subscribe to the site to get instant updates of new releases and uploads.

All files stored in TPGII will also be backed up within a dedicated Dropbox folder for ease of mind.

Please support the cause and use the Upload A File For Testing section to send us your scenarios for testing within the community.  If you wish to donate to the running costs of The Proving Grounds II and The Scenario Depot III please click on the Patreon donate button on the bottom of the right side menu.

Thanks for reading.



I expect the use of the Proving Grounds II to be relatively straightforward but over time commonly asked questions will be answered in here.

How do I provide feedback?

You can provide feedback by either posting comments and suggestions directly into the thread for the scenario you downloaded for playtest or you can download the preset playtesting form, fill in the blanks and mail it direct to the scenario designer.

How do I update my content?

Update your content by resubmitting it exactly the same way you uploaded the initial file but be sure to choose Yes when selecting the option ‘Is this an update to current content?’.  The new file will then overwrite the old file after it is checked by admin.

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