Battle of Concord .07 update

This a small infantry scenario.  Basically a company on each side.  US forces assault to retake government facilities of a small town from Russian infantry.   This was a test scenario for me to learn the editor, basic AI commands and triggers.  Any feedback to help me refine and improve this scenario are greatly appreciated.  Thanks to all the experienced folks out there who gave me pointers and links to some helpful information.

Changelog .07
-Removed all artilly support from both sides to prevent the 1st turn bombardment on blue forces and keep the focus on this as a purely infantry battle
-Modified triggers, 1st trigger could have potentially been bypassed, which had ramifications later in the battle. Now this is very unlikely to be missed by the player.
-Modified some AI orders based on change in triggers. Had some troops bunching up as a result of these orders before, removed the order overlap between these AI groups.
-Asjusted deployment of red forward recon forces, slightly cut 2 of the units sightlines to prevent them from firing on blue units in their deployment zone.
-Changed some wall facades to remove balconies that got red forces chewed up too easily.
-Increased scenario time to 1 hour 10 minutes

Changelog .06
-Fixed A LOT of building connection issues. Had a few stray elevation differences that were causeing issues. AI now stays in cover when moving between buildings better.
-Made connections between all the structures making up the parking deck.

Changelog .05
-Fixed some pretty egregious building connection errors and elevation mismatches that resulted in AI troops being slaughtered due to pathfinding.
-Changed initial deployment positions of some of the Red recon units due to sight line issues for an MG team, they didnt engage anything.
-Adjusted a few of the redfor trigger objectives, enlarged 2 of them.
-Adjusted some of the AI’s support targets to make them make more sense, and avoid friendly fire.
-Adjusted Red AI group 6 and 7 orders, they were moving forward to waypoints too slowly to be relevant. Movement speed for first order changed from advance to quick.
-Increased scenario time to one hour.
-Added breach team to bluefor for 3rd platoon.

Author: Homewrecker

2 thoughts on “Battle of Concord .07 update

  1. I started to play this but found it quite difficult. The Russians are spread out over the map and on turn 1 before I had even started moving the enemy were calling down artillery fire on the centre of the map… Black Sea is very unforgiving and I lost a lot of men just moving them into their initial positions as the Russians had interlocking fields of fire and the like. I think the starting positions for the Russians needs to be diluted to give the player a chance.

    1. Hi Bootie, Thanks for playing and the feedback. After some notes I received yesterday from another player, some revisions were made last night
      including the removal of all artillery. I also took out the blufor UAV, but may put this back in. I had thought of changing the red arty to a light mortar on map that would be a reinforcement 5-10 minutes in. Preventing those kinds of issues. It was also brought to my attention that my first trigger could be bypassed which led to issues towards the end of the battle of there being no resistance at the govt center objective if the player concentrates forces on the police station first. So I haven’t uploaded the new version yet since I need to get those triggers fixed up, that may take a few days to get right. I will look at starting positions, or possibly changing some buildings to cut some of those sight lines toward blue starting positions, honestly the map could have been just a little bit bigger to give the player some breathing room on setup. I will note that when you have units crossing streets, its helpful to bound squads and cover each others movements by using the face command and having the lead squads pop smoke to allow other squads to move forward or cross streets where the enemy may have view. Thanks for the notes man.

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