Strongpoint Salas (Allies vs AI version)

17 August 1944. South of Western Dvina river.
The 311th Soviet Rifle Division has halted before well prepared enemy defenses. All attempts to break through were unsuccessful before higher headquarters issued orders to halt further attacks. In the Ozolini – Rabeli region, enemy forces have prepared forward defensive positions in the small hamlet of Salas. Salas is situated at the 311th Division’s center of frontline. That hamlet provides the enemy strong flanking positions which cover all friendly approaches to the German main line of resistance.

To improve the tactical situation, Commander 311th Division orders 1067th Rifle Regiment to take and hold the enemy strong-point in Salas. This task is assigned to an ad hoc force consisting of a penal company, a recon squad, and supporting artillery units.

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Author: Rikugun Chusa

2 thoughts on “Strongpoint Salas (Allies vs AI version)

  1. Nice scenario. It was a lot of fun. I achieved a Total Victory with 5 minutes left. I scored 850 points to the German’s 45. I lost 8 men with 10 more wounded. The Germans had 16 killed, 10 wounded and 2 missing. I like the Soviet force structure. I was not so sure about the support weapons massed in the corner of the map when the scenario started but they had just enough visibility to the target to make a difference. I also love starting a scenario with an artillery barrage…always get the blood flowing!

    In terms of suggestions, it seems like the German’s broke fairly quickly, were spread too think or I got lucky. You may want to consider strengthening their resolve a little. Also, this is marked as a Tiny scenario. I would argue that it is a Small scenario given the number of on-map units in play when the scenario starts.

    Great job.

  2. Thanks, Lt. Smash! Your result is exactly what I want to achieve when making a scenario. In real, Russian’s casualties was just two men wounded.
    To make tack more tough to complete, I’m close to finish H2H version of this scenario with more powerful German forces.

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