CMA The Road Of All Fears

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April 29th 1978 Sherkhankhel area. Orders for Operation Beluga
Insurgents are active in the vicinity of the Sherkhankhel village. In the previous months there have been a number of ambushes nearby at the Kunar river crossing and on Highway 1 in which the Mujahideen have finally succeeded in destroying the bridge and the 2 pillboxes flanking it. However, our engineers have recently been able to erect a temporary replacement bridge (see map).  The enemy is well trained and well motivated and they know the ground.  Normally in this area they operate at approximately platoon strength, however thanks to A.N.A. infiltration it is a safe bet that they know all about the contents of our particular convoy. Consequently I would predict that we can expect a particularly warm welcoming committee of at least company strength. The local Mujahideens are well equipped with a variety of weapons including AKs, PKs and RPGs acquired from previous raids on our convoys.
There is a strong likelihood that owing to the nature of our cargo, they will be fielding extra anti-tank weapons and possibly mortars as well. They want the gold and the cash we are carrying badly.

Convoy escort – B Company 2nd Battalion (A.N.A.*) Mechanized Infantry:
B Company H.Q. mounted on 1 x BTR 60
B Company 1st Platoon – HQ and 3 squads mounted on 3 x BTR 60s
B company 3rd Platoon – HQ and 3 Squads mounted on 3 x BTR 60s

Convoy – 3 x Ural 375 trucks
H.Q. Company Grenade launcher Platoon – 2 x AGS17 launchers plus HQ mounted on 1 x BTR 60
D Company Recon Platoon – HQ and 2 squads mounted on 2 x BMP 1’s
Twin 23 mm AA gun (direct fire mode) mounted on Kamaz 4310 truck.
H.Q. Company 120mm mortar section (3 tubes).  You have priority of fires. Available now – off map
Air assets
1 x MI 24 Gunship on call within 30 minutes of mission start
1 x SU 17M Fitter ground attack aircraft on call within 55 minutes
1 x SU 17M Fitter ground attack aircraft on call within 75 minutes
B Company 2nd Platoon have been tasked with guarding Base Camp

Comrade Major, it is recognised that  the A.N.A. lacks sufficient training and political indoctrination.  Do not ask more of your men than they are capable of delivering. …//…
Gregory KELLER – Snake Eye  December 2011.
Briefing by SLR
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