CMBS Krentz Hill

This is my first ever scenario. I designed it with a sad heart in order to remember a true American citizen named Mr. Robert Krentz, who was assassinated by a cartel coyote. You can look him up and read about his story on Wikipedia. When i was embedded with USCBP during my service in the army, he was a great help to us by allowing us access to “Krentz HIll” as we dubbed it. It offered a great survey point to watch for illegal traffickers, and he was a friendly guy. His son still maintains the ranch to this day, and continues to allow surveillance equipment to be emplaced on the land, even with threats from the local cartels.

That being said, this is a Ukraine VS Russia attack scenario. The hills is heavily fortified with AT weapons and BTRs. This is a difficult scenario, and will test a player’s resolve. Expect heavy casualties!

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