Shadow and Flame

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This scenario features a US mechanized infantry platoon attempting to destroy a Russian rearguard.  After a day of heavy fighting over an important crossroads, the Russians have withdrawn, leaving only a small delaying force behind.  You are tasked with destroying that force in preparation for the next day’s attack.

Small scenario, night, map size 800 x 800.

Please note that due to the significant number of destroyed/burning vehicles and flavor objects on this map, it may take longer to load than typical scenarios of this size.

Any feedback would be highly appreciated.  Please comment here, the CMBS forum, or to e-mail at astanocmscens @ gmail . com.  Enjoy!



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Author: Bootie

2 thoughts on “Shadow and Flame

  1. Nice map and atmoshpere. Moderalely easy for the blue side (at least the plan i executed) but still veryenjoyable. Plays well in real time. Good work

  2. I enjoyed it. Critical for blue side to preserve the artillery spotter so he can combine the UAV + artillery strikes to pave the way.

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