UA In Unity is Power

The Ukrainian 79th Air Assault Brigade in unity with National Guard are liquidating the enemy helicopter landing party in North Mykolaiv 464×416 (PBEM or Blue vs AI only)


27th February 2022
Time 17.15 hrs
Mission time 55 minutes.
Weather Light Fog
Wind Medium, From South
Ground Condition Dry

The Russian army approached Mykolaiv with the main forces. To disrupt Ukrainian defense, the Russian command decided to make limited helicopter landings with special forces around the city.


Ukrainian mixed company needs to liquidate Russian special forces and liberate the Ukrainian Shipbuilding University

Friendly Forces

Battalion HQ Team
1x 82mm mortar team
1x Sniper team
1x Special Forces Platoon

1x Company Command Squad on BTR-70s
1x Air Assault platoon on BTR-70s
1x National guard platoon on Ural’s
1x National guard breach platoon on Ural’s.

Enemy Forces

Unknown, the only we know that 5 Russian Mi-8 are landed near an old Fire Station.


Try to spot the enemy, you can try to capture the building yard and use it for a better view. You need to be careful, Russian special forces are well-trained and well-equipped. But
Don’t lose de time, because Russian forces will approach Mykolaiv this night, and you need to liquidate the enemy fast as you can.


The scenario is a recreation of how the Ukrainian units from the 79th Air Assault Brigade and National Guard destroyed enemy special forces north of Mykolaiv. The scenario
is not 100% historically accurate, but I tried my best to speak with some people who fought in this battle, more I study it from internet resources.

Created by Dmytro Gadomskiy

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