CMBS Vega Force

This scenario came about as a request for smaller scenarios on the Battlefront forums. I have taken a stock Quick Battle map, resized it to suit my needs, added units and some AI plans for the Red side only.  I would like to thank Battlefront for the map and the excellent editor they have included with the games.

I would also like to thank the following forum members for their assistance with play testing this scenario: Pelican Pal, Astano, Apocal, Capt. Toleran and Chudacabra.

Please send me a message with any feedback about the scenario.

Matt A.  (Heirloom_Tomato)


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3 thoughts on “CMBS Vega Force

  1. Excellent Scenario: v short, infantry v infantry in an urban environment. If you are a “tankie” it’s probably not for you. I felt it had an “OK Corral” type western feel to it..sort of shoot-out on main street.

    If you use proper light infantry tactics, you will win. I found it agreeable to actually use my sappers for blasting into buildings, overwatched by LMG teams, instead of having to make them defacto grunts as in other scenarios because I’ve run out of troops.

    Things to watch out for: ammo will be a problem. Blasting away is fun, but then you find yourself running out, and more Ruskies are coming…

    Exfiltrating your SOF troops is a really engaging part of the end-game: folding your ammo-less troops through the covering teams as you fall back felt very real and scary.

    OBLIGATORY: Play Ennio Morricone music! I did this halfway through and it really lifted the game.

    Criticisms or issues? None really. The UKie operators only have LMGs, no RPGs and I always fear that weapon in urban combat because it seems to whack a whole team if it gets a good hit, so I would have liked some RPG teams instead of soley LMGs as support weapon.

    The town is dull, and not very realistic, without shops, car parks, street furniture, but that’s the fault of the QB map, not Matt A’s scenario. I would have liked to see some of Kieme’s civilian vehicles dotted about.

    Summary: if you want about 20 mins of brutal violence, with no faffing about, this is for you. Move fast, hit hard, get out.

  2. The unrealistic scenario for masochists. Red side has threefold advantage on you, one part in good defence position and two other spawn behind you. Of course in the real life you would never survive this situation. Don’t waste your time on this crap.

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