CMFB Busting Out of Bras

September 2022

This folder contains this readme and the scenario file for your CMFB scenario folder and a small mods folder for your CMFB z folder.

Standard disclaimer. Use at your own risk.
All materials are licensed work of BFC.
I did this for free.

best wishes,

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3 thoughts on “CMFB Busting Out of Bras

  1. Interesting, I have another file by that name from January. Is that another version or an earlier one of this?

  2. Americans surrendered on turn 10 for German Total Victory.
    Fun scenario using movement and maneuver while being aware the time pressure.
    Might have been too easy for the Germans. Americans could use a few more troops.

    1. This was my experience also with this scenario. Overall, the December 18th “Bastogne corridor” atmosphere is spot on and I really enjoyed it.

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