3 thoughts on “GL Welcome to Sicily

  1. Hello,
    I appreciate all the work done on this site to allow us to access all that stuff.
    I’m sorry to write today to talk about a problem: the link to download this scenario doesn’t appear on the site .
    Moreover, while I manage to download some, this problem of an invisible link affect a lot of other CMFI scenario: the TWC Priolo Crossroad; TWC First Contact; TWC Devil’s Brigade; QBS Son of a senator; QBS One more roadblock; QBS Counterattack at Battipaglia; GL Bloody beachtown; GL Avanti, Americani, Rapido; AD Snow day; AD Small patrol action; AD recon gone wrong; AD Poutin patrol; AD Flank hunt…
    A precision: I unsuccessfully tried to download those scenarios in those last days, after the adjustements to the webpage.

      1. I imagine that must represent a huge amount of operations.
        Thanks again for all the time and the efforts you give for simple users of your webpage.

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