TWC First Contact


Historical scenario based on accounts in the regimental history of The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment and other source material.

The 1st Canadian Infantry Division acquitted itself well in the landings on Sicily, overcoming weak Italian resistance and driving north in good order. The division covered almost fifty miles in four days. Unknown to them, the Germans had adopted a sensible strategy of abandoning the bulk of the island and withdrawing toward the port of Messina in the northeast corner of the island. Resistance stiffened against British forces on the eastern coast, where German forces fought a skillful defence, and the Canadians, in a secondary role, were required to press on with more urgency.

The Germans anticipated the Allied shift to the centre of the island, where the Canadians were, and moved the crack Hermann Goering Division to cover the few roads that snaked through the rugged terrain there. As July 15th dawned, the 1st Brigade was moving north on Highway 124. The Three Rivers Regiment had tanks in support of The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, and their column approached the ancient town of Grammichele at about 09:00hrs. A battlegroup of tanks and infantry under Major Joachim Preuß was waiting on the hills above the town.

  • Map size: 2160 x 1216m
  • Game length: 120
  • Canadian force size: Battalion
  • Terrain type: Hilly, Valley
  • Weather and Environmental conditions: Clear, Dry

Designed for play either H2H or vs AI as either side, but not recommended for play as German.

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