3 thoughts on “AD Pasture Land

  1. I played this scenario four times with the same result every time. The German AI puts all of its forces in one concentrated spot. It is not always the same spot but when you spot a German you just concentrate fire and you will wipe them all out very fast. I spotted a German on the hedge on turn two….fired my mortal on turn three to support my advance and wiped all German defenders out. I did this every time I played and it worked all four times.

  2. I sent one platoon up the middle with the mortar and MG support and one platoon along the slight depression on the right edge with the goal of flanking the VL. The right platoon moved through the wheat, carefully I might add, took a few casualties with one squad running away after the leader was killed. The other two squads took casualties but in a short fire fight caused the Germans to break run. The squads knocked them out as they ran. On the left the mortar and MG caused a couple of casualties while the platoon bounded towards them. Again one squad ran, not breaking just shaken. After a few casualties the Germans on my left seemed to break and retreat towards the VL. At that moment the Axis auto-surrendered giving me a Total Victory.

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