Rabbit Ensnared



After the recent and highly successful wave of Russian spearheads a company of Gebirgsjager have been trapped behind enemy lines. Due to their tactical situation, and their value as a unit, a relief / extraction force has been sent to save them from their inevitable doom. Can they be rescued in time, or will they be routed by the crushing might of the Red Army. By Frank K.

Icon of Rabbit Ensnared Rabbit Ensnared (0.5 MiB)


Author: Bootie

5 thoughts on “Rabbit Ensnared

  1. Enjoyed this scenario, though I admit the first time I played it, I lost key resources in the first couple of minutes. Scouting is important, as is getting your rocket artillery barrage in the right place.

  2. Lols It’s my scenario! Lovely someone moved it here for me and it works! Any questions or suggestions on this for me I will be happy to take!

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